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Elementary School Supply List

Updated July 2019. Click a link to view the supply lists for your grade level, or scroll below:


  • Backpack
  • Folder
  • Two complete changes of clothes in a labeled Ziploc bag (underwear, socks, pants, shirts)
  • Blanket (please no stuffed animals or pillows for nap)
  • 1 glue bottle

If anyone is interested, we are asking for OPTIONAL donations for the classroom:

  • Kleenex
  • Paper towels
  • Ziploc bags: gallon size
  • Ziploc bags: sandwich size

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  • Backpack
  • Paint shirt
  • Sneakers
  • A change of clothes in a labeled Ziploc baggie
  • A snack for themselves every day

All other supplies (folders, notebooks, crayons, pencils) will be supplied by the school this year! You do NOT need a blanket. We will not be napping in kindergarten.

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K-12 Language Concepts Class

  • Backpack
  • Set of extra clothes (underwear, pants, socks shirt and light sweatshirt in a bag labeled with your child’s name).
  • Pencil box (hard plastic)
  • Sneakers for gym

We have crayons, markers, glue bottles, glue sticks, scissors, pencils and plastic go-home folders for each student in the classroom.

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First Grade

  • Backpack
  • Paint shirt
  • Sneakers
  • A change of clothes in a labeled Ziploc baggie
  • A snack for themselves every day

All other supplies (folders, notebooks, crayons, pencils) will be supplied by the school this year!

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Second Grade

  • Backpack
  • Paint shirt
  • Sneakers
  • A change of clothes in a labeled Ziploc baggie
  • A snack for themselves every day

All other supplies (folders, notebooks, crayons, pencils) will be supplied by the school this year!

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Third Grade

  • 3 composition notebooks – wide ruled (with name on them)
  • 1-inch binder
  • 5 pocket folders (with name on them)
  • Pencil box – please include the following:
    • Pencils
    • Erasers
    • Dry erase markers
    • Colored pencils
    • Scissors
    • Glue sticks
    • Small pencil sharpener

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Fourth Grade

English Language Arts (ELA)

  • 2 composition notebooks
  • 2 folders


  • 1 composition notebook
  • 1 folder


  • 1 folder
  • 1 composition notebook

Social Studies

  • 1 folder

General Supplies

  • 1 sturdy take-home folder (plastic)
  • 3 packages of 10-12 pencils (Ticonderoga brand if possible)
  • 1 pack of colored pencils
  • 1 pencil bag/small crayon bag
  • 1 package of cap erasers
  • 1 pencil sharpener
  • At least 2 rolls of clear tape
  • Multiple colors of highlighters – 5 is ideal
  • 2-3 glue sticks
  • Loose-leaf paper, 1 pack (wide-ruled)
  • Scissors (child sized)
  • 1 box of tissues
  • Book Bag

Wish List Supplies – Optional but helpful!

  • An extra take-home folder
  • 1 pack of fine-tip dry erase markers
  • Extra tape
  • An empty shoe box for storage

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Fifth Grade

  • 4 single subject (one subject) spiral notebooks
  • 5 pocket folders
  • Pencils with erasers
  • Loose leaf paper
  • Colored pencils
  • Highlighters

Sixth Grade


  • loose leaf paper
  • 3 pocket folders (red, blue and a yellow)
  • 3 composition notebooks

Social Studies/Science

  • 1 single subject (one subject) spiral notebook
  • 2 pocket folders


  • 1 three ring binder – 2”
  • 1 set of dividers
  • 1 package of glue sticks to keep in the classroom
  • 1 package of pencils to keep in the classroom
  • 1 composition notebook
  • 1 package of loose leaf paper

    General supplies

    • 1 Pocket folder (for a take-home folder)
    • Pencils with erasers
    • Loose leaf paper
    • Colored pencils
    • Highlighters

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    Life Skills

    • 1 package of no. 2 Pencils
    • 2 large pink erasers

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    Ms. Hoos

    • Spiral notebook (communication log)
    • Box of crayons (24 or less)
    • Colored pencils (12 or less)
    • Zippered pencil pouch
    • 1″ binder (any design or color)
    • Backpack

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    The Canajoharie-Fort Plain Drama Club Present Newsies

    The Canajoharie-Fort Plain Summer Drama Club will present the Broadway musical, “Newsies” on July 26th at 27th at the Fort Plain High School.

    Based loosely on the newsboys’ strike of 1899, “Newsies” tells the story of Jack Kelly and his gang of struggling newspaper hawkers in New York City, selling copies of the NY World on the streets of Manhattan. When Joe Pulitzer suddenly raises the price that the newsies must pay, Jack galvanizes the other boys and girls to go on strike.

    “Newsies” stars Christian Jones of Canajoharie in the role of Jack Kelly. His closest allies are Crutchie, played by Fort Plain’s Keagen Ford, Dacey who is portrayed by Alex Gyurik of Canajoharie, and Les who is played by Faith Clark of Fort Plain. They are joined by fellow newsies: Talia Narzymski, Chad Rogers, Jasmine Lapi, Payton Landry, Dawson Sweet, Michael Palmeri, Sadie Kersey, Nura Handy, Amelia Gallagher, Richard, Catarino, Vivian Nunez, Eliza Cechnicki, and Vienna Jackson.

    The newsie chorus features Avery Merchant, Country Hammond, Lilly Lapi, Quinlan Forrest, Caleigh Bartholomew, Aileen Germond, Emery Frew, Brooke Jones, Natashia Hammond, Isis Hammond, Grace McFee, Amelia Hoag, Adeline Handy, Angelina Kersey, and Reanna Germond.

    Along the way, Jack and his pals are helped out by their friend and theatre owner Medda (Jillian Rockefeller) and the reporter Katherine Plummer (Sarah Paradiso). They are up against the tough Joseph Pulitzer (Anthony Paradiso) and his office staff played by Jennifer Cechnicki, Kathryn McGowan, and Max Richtmyer. Having fun in the roles of “bad guys” are Kristy McFee (Snyder), Josh Cechnicki (Wiesel), Matt Ford & Michael Broady (The Delancey Brothers) and Matthew Summerfield (Cop). Filling out the remaining roles are Michael Hoffman (Nunzio/Stage Manager), Todd McFee (Mayor) and Mason Rogers (Roosevelt). The show also features guest dancers Samantha Barlow, Nathaniel Diamond, and Hailey Weaver.

    The cast of 49 is led by director Lauri Broady and musical director Norma Bowley. Mike Broady serves as the sound director, assisted by Parker Forrest. Catherine Twitchell is the lighting director, with Robbie Rogers on the spotlight. The stage manager is Michael Hoffman, heading a crew consisting of Autumn Dodson and Selena Dumond-Halse.

    “Newsies” will be performed at Fort Plain Jr/Sr High School on Friday night, July 26th at 7:00 p.m., with a matinee performance on Saturday, July 27th at 2:00 p.m. Admission is $7 for adults and $5 for seniors/children/students.

    Mr. Heiser’s Team Tech Group Tackle ‘Summer Slide’

    students working on creating a website

    Students in Mr. Heiser’s Team Tech group participated in a State Wide Technology contest. Students were tasked with coming up with a solution to improve equity in education through the use of technology.

    students working on a website

    Team Tech tackled the issue of the ʺSummer Slideʺ. The ʺSummer Slideʺ is when students don’t participate in academic settings over the summer and regress in their learning and are often unprepared for the next school year. Team Tech created a website that gives all students information about free and low-cost programs that are educational right here in our community!

    student writing

    Kids stayed in Mr. Heiser’s computer lab for two days designing and creating the website and then presented via the SMARTBoard to principals, administrators from across the state. Their hard work and dedication granted Team Tech third place!

    You can view their website here:

    A Message From the Fort Plain Superintendent

    To the Fort Plain Community,

    Almost four years ago I had the good fortune to be chosen to serve as superintendent of the Fort Plain Central School District. Over that period of time, I’ve learned that the Fort Plain community, students, faculty/staff, and Board of Education collectively form an exceptional school district. I am very happy at Fort Plain and would be content to spend the remainder of my career here as superintendent.

    However, a unique opportunity that I did not expect became available this year. The decision to apply for a new position was one I wrestled with because I have great affection for the Fort Plain students, staff and community. After months of contemplating pursuing the opportunity, I made the decision to apply and recently accepted an offer to assume the position of District Superintendent/Chief Executive Officer at HFM BOCES. My formal appointment is scheduled to occur on May 29. I will assume the position in August.

    I am proud of Fort Plain, our school, and the work we have engaged in over the past four years. The Board, faculty, and staff are on a path that truly benefits our students. I assure you that it took a truly exceptional opportunity to lure me from Fort Plain.

    It has been an honor to serve the Fort Plain Central School District as superintendent. I will always be proud of our work and grateful for the opportunity.

    Very warmly,

    Dave Ziskin

    HFM BOCES Announcement 

    Third-Graders Enjoy Painting Class

    third grade class showing off their paintings

    Mrs. Sweet’s third-grade class had the marvelous opportunity to receive a professional painting lesson on Wednesday, May 15th. Kathy Canastar, from Little Falls, donated her time to come to teach our students. She has trained under Wilson Bickford, a well-known painter from Gouverneur, NY. Two other volunteers, Lois Scanlon & Jean Ronan, both artists who have both painted with Kathy, assisted the students.

    The subject of the painting complemented the current topic in Reading & Science in Mrs. Sweet’s class.

    What fabulous products the students produced! Each a unique and beautiful sunset, with a tree & silhouette of a giraffe in the foreground. It was a fabulous opportunity, and all of the students
    so enjoyed it!

    Fourth-Graders Learn About Circuits and Energy Through Hands-on Experiments

    kid's science project on a window sill

    In STEAM class, Fourth-graders learned all about the different kinds of energy as well as the transfer of energy and how they work together to make things happen!

    The children were able to observe solar energy transferring to mechanical energy with a solar car as well as a solar-powered grasshopper.  They observed wind energy converting to light energy with a windmill generator.

    kids working on a science experiment

    In addition, the students built electrical circuits that allowed them to witness the transfer of electrical energy into sound, mechanical and light energy.  They had to apply the information learned in class to construct a complete circuit, allowing the electrons to flow from the energy source to the various devices, making them work.

    This unit will culminate with the construction of solar ovens in which the children will cook and enjoy some delicious S’ mores!

    Kids in a science class

    2019-20 proposed budget goes before residents on May 21

    2019-20 proposed budget stays below the allowable tax cap

    On Tuesday, May 21, residents of the Fort Plain Central School District will go to the polls to vote on a proposed $20,950,000 budget for the 2019-20 school year. The budget carries a 1.49% tax levy increase, which is below Fort Plain’s allowable tax “cap” of 4.2%.

    The proposal would increase spending 2.2%, or $450,000, compared to 2018-19. That change is offset by an increase in state aid as well as steps the district has taken to control costs and improve efficiencies. Because of the levy increase is below the district’s state-calculated “cap,” the proposal will require a simple majority of 50% plus one vote to pass.

    Budget highlights

    Fort Plain will receive an additional $220,313 in Foundation Aid in 2019- 20. Foundation Aid is unrestricted money from the state that districts receive annually that can be used to meet general expenses.

    Like other area districts, Fort Plain relies heavily on Foundation Aid, which – combined with aid for reimbursed expenses – makes up more than two-thirds of the district’s revenue.

    “We understand that we are operating with finite fiscal resources and continue to be committed to building budgets that remain within our state calculated tax levy limit,” said Superintendent of Schools David Ziskin.

    “Our administrative and school teams continually reflect on the allocation of our resources, making adjustments to programming to ensure our greatest areas of need are supported,” Ziskin said. “We believe the 2019-20 budget is closely aligned to our district mission and will improve the education our students receive.”

    Resources directed to priority areas

    The Board of Education, administrators, and faculty teams at the Junior-Senior High School and Harry Hoag Elementary School continue to identify opportunities for improvement and implement corresponding action plans within each of the district’s identified priority areas. Highlights of areas supported in the 2019-20 proposed budget include:

    Priority Area: Safety

    • Security camera coverage of the facilities and grounds will be upgraded and expanded over the next three years. The installment plan allows the district to receive BOCES reimbursement of nearly 80% of the cost of materials and equipment associated with the expanded security coverage.
    • The district will implement a new visitor identification program in 2019-20 that will check a visitor’s driver license or state identification card against a background database, which includes information such as inclusion on the sex offender registry. Once the scan is complete, the system prints a custom visitor identification badge.
    • The partnership between the Fort Plain Central School District and the Fort Plain Police Department to provide a school officer for campuses has improved security protocols and procedures. The 2019-20 proposed budget maintains the presence of a Fort Plain Police Officer in district schools each day classes are in session.

    Priority Area: Student social and emotional developmental health

    The district has been intentional in efforts to support student social and emotional developmental health. The district has built partnerships with multiple community-based and government agencies to ensure that students have access to support.

    Priority Area: Teacher and leader effectiveness

    New York state will implement new learning standards for the 2020-21 school-year. Fort Plain is committed to providing a strong transition to these standards. The Board of Education recently adopted a specific goal to ensure students receive robust, appropriate instruction aligned to the new standards:

    All teachers will develop a complete curriculum aligned to the Next Generation Learning Standards by September 1, 2020.

    The 2019-20 proposed budget includes support for this critically important, time-bound goal through a two-year plan that will ensure our students receive rich, standards-aligned instruction during the 2020-21 school-year. New York will administer the first state assessments that are aligned to the new standards in 2020-21.

    This two-year plan includes the following positions, which will be eliminated when the work is complete.

    • A Teacher on Special Assignment will work with all K-8 teachers to develop standards-aligned curriculum. This curriculum will include learning objectives, teaching points, and assessments that are aligned to the new standards.
    • HFM BOCES will provide a 0.2 full-time equivalent curriculum development coach for grades 9-12.

    Priority Area: Student, family, and community engagement

    Fort Plain will continue to partner with Montgomery County to share the cost of a full-time, 12-month social worker who will provide year-round support for a specific caseload of families. The social worker provides counseling and support to students and their families who have struggled with their transition to the school setting.

    Priority Area: Fiscal resources

    The 2019-20 proposed budget supports the programming students need to be successful by reallocating existing resources to the greatest areas of need and by leveraging increased efficiencies. The district’s solar energy projects in the Village of Nelliston and at two other sites generate ongoing credits that result in reduced energy costs for the district. The district also performed a state aid audit that resulted in additional revenue.

    “The board and administration are committed to supporting efforts to achieve the district mission. Our goal is to provide a strong, relevant education to our students in a fiscally responsible manner,” commented Dr. Ziskin.

    “Our proposed budget maintains programs and ensures our greatest areas of need receive the appropriate resources required to deliver on our mission’s promise to prepare every student for success beyond graduation.”

    What will you see on the ballot?

    Proposition 1: To adopt the annual budget of the School District for the fiscal year 2019-2020 and to authorize the requisite portion thereof to be raised by taxation on the taxable property of the District.

    Proposition 2: Authorization to Purchase Buses: Shall the Board of Education of the Fort Plain Central School District be authorized to (a) acquire three school vehicles at a maximum aggregate cost of $377,000.00 (b) expend such sums for such purpose; (c) expend from the Bus Purchase Reserve Fund an amount not to exceed $377,000.00 for such purpose; (d) levy the necessary tax therefore, to be levied and collected in such amounts as may be determined by the Board of Education taking into account state aid received and amounts disbursed from the reserve fund; and (e) in anticipation of the collection of such tax, to issue bonds and notes of the District at one time or from time to time in the principal amount not to exceed $377,000.00 and to levy a tax to pay the interest on such obligations when due?

    Proposition 3: Authorization for Increase in the Library Tax Levy: Shall the annual appropriation support and maintain the Fort Plain Free Library be increased by $5,000 to $85,000, which sum shall be separate and apart from the Fort Plain Central School District annual school district budget and be raised annually by a tax upon the taxable property of the school district, and which appropriation shall be the annual appropriation for the library until changed by further vote of the electors of the school district, and such tax shall be levied and collected yearly as are other general taxes and such monies paid over to the trustees of the Library?

    Board of Education Election: To elect two (2) members of the Board of Education to a three (3) year term commencing on July 1, 2019, and expiring on June 30, 2022, to succeed Ronald Kardash and Joseph Bartholomew whose terms expire on June 30, 2019.

    Polls will be open from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Tuesday, May 21, at Harry Hoag Elementary Gymnasium.

    Harry Hoag Literacy and Math Camp

    Harry Hoag is excited to offer a Literacy and Math Camp to support our learners who are currently in Grades K-4. Students who attend our camp will have the opportunity to engage with literacy and math activities that are fun to enhance their knowledge of core grade level concepts, thus supporting their transition back to school in September.

    Camp Details
    Dates: July 8- August 1 (Mondays – Thursdays only)
    Hours: 8:30-11:30 a.m.
    Place: Harry Hoag School

    8:30-9:00: Arrival/ Free Breakfast available
    9:00-11:00: Math and Literacy Camp experiences
    11:00-11:30: Recess and/or Computer Lab
    11:30: Dismissal/ Free Lunch is available

    If you are interested in having your child attend our Literacy and Math Camp, please fill out the form below and return to the Main Office by Friday, May 31st.

    You will receive an enrollment confirmation letter in early June.

    I encourage you to take advantage of this free opportunity to enrich your child’s summer vacation. Students who participate in our morning camp will be able to sign in to the Fort Plain Summer Recreation Program in the afternoon. Registration for Summer Recreation is a separate process.

    If you have any questions, please call me at 993-4000 ext. 3059.

    Proud to be your Principal,
    Lauren Crisman

    Harry Hoag Math and Literacy Camp Form

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