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COVID-19 Updates

For the latest COVID-19-related updates and information, visit our Important Updates webpageARP-ESSER Funding Plan

Kids Eat Free with our summer meals program

Attention local families: Free breakfast and lunch will be available for all children age 18 and younger through the Kids Eat Free program at Harry Hoag School this summer. The program is provided in cooperation with the USDA, and no registration will be required – just stop in!

Meals will be provided at Harry Hoag Elementary School as follows:

  • July 6th – August 12th: Monday – Thursday*
  • Site is open for breakfast: 8:00 a.m. – 9:15 a.m.
  • Site is open for lunch: 11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
  • To eat free…..just stop in!!
  • This is an open site. All area children and teens are invited to participate, no matter where they live or where they go to school. Join us for nutritious and free meals!

*Please note: There is also an open meal site at East Hill Elementary in Canajoharie 7/12-8/20, and they are open on Fridays.

Summer meals program logo

For more information on this program and its locations, visit


Fort Plain Central School District and the USDA are equal opportunity employers and providers.

Important dates for Harry Hoag families

Dear Harry Hoag families,

Below is a list of dates for important events to be held in June and a schedule for the final week of school.

Save the Dates:

  • Field Day will be held on June 11 (Rain date on June 15).
  • Prek Playground Promotion Parties will be held on June 21 and June 22. (More information to come.)
  • Grade 6 Moving Up Ceremony will be held on June 25 at 8:30 am. (More information to come.)
  • Moving Up Day for all students will be held on June 25. (Students will have the chance to meet their teachers for the next year.)

Final Week Schedule:

  • Monday, 6/21, Full Day
  • Tuesday- Thursday, 6/22-6/24, 11:30 Dismissal
  • Friday, 6/25, 10:00 am Dismissal LAST DAY OF SCHOOL

I hope you each enjoy a restful Memorial Day weekend!

Mrs. Crisman

Creativity, comedy and cool new skills – welcome to Team Tech

Creativity, comedy and cool new skills: sixth graders in Matt Heiser’s Team Tech group present all of this in their Tech Team video production.

The video is part newscast, complete with a wild weather forecast; interview show, featuring Mr. Heiser and fellow Harry Hoag Elementary teacher Rob Jenks; and variety show with skits, jokes and how-to segments.

The students wrote, designed, directed, performed, filmed and produced the Hidden Talents video as a project for Team Tech, an activity where the requirements to participate include being creative, learning and using technology, applying themselves, being open to ideas, and getting their other school work done.

In past years, students may have produced a printed newspaper instead of a Team Tech video production. Today’s digital tools, however, provide them with even greater opportunity for expression, skill-building and fun.


District residents approve proposed budget and bus proposition, elect 2 to Board of Education

Fort Plain Central School District residents approved a proposed $21.8 million budget for the 2021-22 school year by a vote of 126 to 15 on May 18, 2021.

They also approved a proposition by a vote of 125 to 16 authorizing the district to acquire school vehicles at a maximum cost of $275,000, with the funds to be drawn from the Bus Purchase Reserve Fund.

Voters also elected Kimberly Keane (126 votes) and Teresa Karker (121 votes) to serve on the Board of Education for three-year terms running from July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2024.

The approved 2021-22 budget maintains all academic programming with no increase in the tax levy. The approved school vehicle purchase proposition also will not have an impact on the tax levy, and it will allow the district to replace aging buses and minimize maintenance costs.

“Thank you to all who came out to vote,” said John Bishop, Fort Plain superintendent of schools. “We’re proud of our instructional programs and the services and opportunities we are able to offer our students. We appreciate the community’s support.”

Details can be found on the budget webpage.

Grade 4 presents “Fables,” a readers’ theatre production

Every picture might tell a story, but a fable teaches a life lesson. Harry Hoag fourth graders recently capped off their study of traditional literature with a focus on fables. Students were asked to develop a readers’ theatre production to demonstrate their comprehension of the genre.

They presented live to their peers, and we videoed their work to share with families at home. Fables feature talking animals who tell a story that teaches a life lesson. After learning about different fables and their morals, the fourth graders created staging with colorful sets, backgrounds and props, along with puppet-like characters for each tale. The students worked hard to author and perform the productions.

Harry Hoag Principal Mrs. Crisman said, “Our fourth graders did a beautiful job with the fable performance tradition. It was clear that all students contributed to the group project. I was most impressed with the performances! It is not easy to speak publicly in front of peers, let alone perform. Great job by all! ”

“This is a highlight of our fourth grade year!” said teacher Libby Arndt. “It is not only a great activity to end our traditional literature unit, but a great opportunity for students to work together. They write the screenplay, decorate the set, and build the puppets and props as a group. They are so nervous and excited to perform, and then get up in front of their friends and do such a great job! I’m always so proud of their efforts.”

View their video and learn the moral of their stories!

The fables include:
“The Fox and Leopard”
“The Frog and the Mouse”
“The Owl and the Grasshopper”
“The Dog and His Reflection”
“King Lion and the Beetle”
“The Fox and the Stork”
“The Fox and the Goat”
“The Ant and the Dove”
The Donkey, the Rooster and the Lion
“The Baboon’s Umbrella”
“A Raven and a Swan”
“The Shepherd Boy and the Wolf”

Harry Hoag 3rd Q Honor Roll, Principal’s List announced

Harry Hoag School is proud to announce the 2020-21 third quarter Honor Roll, to which 14 students were named, and Principal’s List, to which 39 students were named. The Honor Roll and Principal’s List recognize outstanding achievement and effort. The students received signed certificates from Principal Lauren Crisman and Superintendent John Bishop.

Honor Roll

Grade 5

Blake Battisti
Sophia Brownell
George Mang
AshLyn Lewis
E’nyjah Oldick
Brianne Gallt
Sawyer Raymond
Violet Handy

Grade 6

Brady Spaulding
Jordyn Best
Ryleigh Brownell
Brodie Poultney
Faith Narzymski
Tyler Cotton

Principal’s List

Grade 5

Alexis Bowley
Sean McGuire
Joseph Barr
Caleigh Bartholomew
Lincoln Kretser
Blake Lapi
Cristopher Quiroz-Romero
Elijah Smith
Daija Suits
Evan Weaver
Jordan Gallt
Dorian Tracki
Dio Callan
Eliyahna Brackett
Elijah Muha

Grade 6

Kala Clapper
Mason Gray
Hailey Hayes
Brooke Jones
Lilly Lapi
Madison Lewis
Elle Nare
Alexis Palmeri
Zionna Robarge
Kendra Sackett
Larry Sanders III
Silas Smith
Caitlyn Stephens
Landon VanGorder
Cheyanne Wall
Aaliyah Delgado
Molly Kwasny
Jansheen Haider
Levi Hext
Gamliel Brackett
Lyllie Handy
Nathalieann Hisert
Trinity Belliveau
Josiah Darrow

Glow Day lights up learning excitement

students holding balloons in blacklighted classroom

Who said that getting ready for state testing had to be boring?

As children across the state have been preparing for the NYS ELA assessments that will take place this week, the students in Mrs. Amy Bartholomew’s 6th grade English Language Arts classes have been doing the same . . . sort of.

Students spent all last week in her class reading incredibly challenging text passages and then analyzing and answering multiple choice questions. But since she was asking for so much effort and focus from them, Mrs. Bartholomew decided to reward her students and their hard work by making the experience as fun as possible.

They call these days “Glow Day,” and students spend their ELA class in complete darkness with blacklights, glowsticks, glow in the dark balloons, and highlighters to light their way as they work. When students completed test questions accurately, they were allowed to play glow-in-the-dark bowling, ring toss, tic-tac-toe, and basketball as a reward.

It is one of the most fun weeks in 6th grade ELA and students were actually THANKING her for their week of test prep! Mrs. Bartholomew shared that she is incredibly proud of her 6th graders and all of the hard work they’ve put in this past week, as well as throughout this entire school year.

teacher and students in blacklighted classroom

students working at desks in blacklighted classroom

Student-crafted Kachina Masks display learning, creativity

group of students and teacher holding their Kachina Masks in front of their faces

While some masks obscure things, those crafted by students in Patrick Hanifin’s 5th grade social studies class at Harry Hoag School provide a big, bright display – of learning, knowledge and creativity.

The students recently studied the Pueblo people. Then, each of the students created a Kachina Mask.

“The Hopi tribe used Kachina Masks in dance ceremonies to become the spirit their mask represents,” Mr. Hanifin said. “The students were very creative with their mask designs.”

He added, “The Hopi, native to Arizona, look to the Kachina spirits to renew the land each year and guarantee water for another season. Ceremonies honoring the Kachina take place from the winter solstice until July.”

Prekindergarten & kindergarten registration

Harry Hoag School is very excited to offer full-day primary-age programs for all eligible children.

Children who turn 4 years old on or before December 1, 2021, are eligible to attend prekindergarten next year.

Children who turn 5 years old on or before December 1, 2021, are eligible to attend kindergarten next year.

To register a child for prekindergarten or kindergarten for next fall, please fill out the following form to sign up for a registration appointment*:

*Please note that students currently enrolled in prekindergarten at Harry Hoag Elementary School will be automatically enrolled into kindergarten. No further action required.

If you have any questions, please call Jennifer Weaver at (518) 993-4000, ext. #3059.

“Our Kindergarten and Prekindergarten programs aim to support young learners to develop school readiness skills and foundational academic skills,” Principal Lauren Crisman said. “While in attendance, your child will get to experience a classroom environment that is nurturing and supportive. Our primary teachers focus on providing young learners with many hands on learning experiences and positive social interactions.”

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