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A positive, wellness-centered approach to mental health awareness

Just like physical health, promoting one’s emotional well-being takes skill, resources and knowledge. Fort Plain Central School is observing Mental Health Awareness Month in May with a proactive approach to support community wellness.

At Harry Hoag, students and staff are observing Mental Health Awareness Week from May 15-19 with themed days that offer positive coping tips and tools.

  • Mellow Monday’s tip was to wear your pajamas to relieve stress. The hallways were colorful and relaxing!
  • Twin Tuesday advised students and staff to team up against stress by dressing like a friend or someone in their house, because they are not alone.
  • Be Someone’s Superhero Wednesday encouraged dressing like a superhero, because in someone’s eyes you are their hero.
  • Tie Dye Thursday will have students and staff wearing tie-dye colors to represent a range of emotions, and it’s okay to feel them.
  • On Friday, all are encouraged to wear green for mental health awareness.

The Jr./Sr. High School has been observing Mental Health Awareness Month using a host of daily activities meant to deepen each student’s personal set of skills. Each week features Mindfulness Monday, Thankful Tuesday, Wellness Wednesday, Thursday Tips and Feel Good Friday. Activities range from learning about self-care tips and sleep resources, to practicing mindfulness and deep breathing, understanding the importance of developing resilience and relationships, and many other exploratory activities aimed to deepen our understanding of how to promote mental health.

The Jr./Sr. High School Counseling Office offers daily tips during announcements and coordinates each day’s activities. Students can participate in activities during their lunch periods and via the Counseling Office’s Google Classroom links to reliable resources.

The Montgomery County Public Health Department teamed up with the school on a mental-health-themed poster contest and the lunch-time activity on May 25 will feature visits and information by community partners including Catholic Charities, Family Counseling, Domestic Violence/Human Trafficking Prevention, the Mental Health Alliance and the HFM Prevention Council.