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Military Boxes

students standing in front of christmas boxes they made for the troops
Dawson Nare, Isaiah Norton, and Jayde Cotton

The Student Council organized a drive to collect items for SSgt Samuel Hoffman, a 2012 graduate of Fort Plain.

Hoffman is one of the Combat Christmas Party committee members at Al Asad AB.

Hoffman and six others were tasked with putting together a party for the 1st Expeditionary Rescue Group that covers a couple of hundred members in Camp Flores.

The Student Council collected a wide variety of items to be used in Christmas gift baskets for the soldiers there and mailed out eight FULL boxes of things on Tuesday, November 20th so they will reach the troops in time for the holidays!

Excellent work Fort Plain students!

November Newsletter Available

November 2018 Pennysaver Newsletter

Highlights of the Newsletter

District to Hold Public Vote on Capital Project:

The Fort Plain Central School district has announced a public vote on December 18th, to support an 11.2 million dollar capital project which will address health & safety upgrades to our facilities, along with building and site maintenance & improvements.

By addressing maintenance needs now, “this proposal protects the Fort Plain community’s long-term investment in our school facilities. This project helps us to avoid any potentially large future expenditures,” said Supertindent of Schools Dr. David Ziskin.

**Health & Safety upgrades will include a new fire alarm system in both buildings, HVAC upgrades, classroom door security, kitchen updates at the elementary school, and the installation of an emergency generator at the Jr/Sr High School.

**Building Maintenance and Enhancements will include roof reconstruction at both schools, outdated window replacement at the elementary school, masonry repairs, updates and floor refinishing in the Jr/Sr High School gym, expansion of the server room to accommodate growing technology infrastructure, and enclosing an open maintenance area at the bus garage.

**Improvements to our building sites will include permanent repair of the main water/sanitation line at the elementary campus, replacing pumps at the athletic complex, reconstruction of the deteriorating track surface, paving restoration in both parking areas, and drainage reconstruction behind the transportation facility.

By completing these needed repairs, improvements, and upgrades through a capital project, 94.9% of the funding will come through bonds which are supported by state building aid reimbursement. This leaves a local share in the project of 5.1% or $1.3 million. This local share would be funded from the district’s already existing capital reserve fund. As a result of using these reserve funds, there is no anticipated tax increase associated with this project.

If approved, the district’s project outline would be submitted to the State Education Department for approval in July 2019, go out to bid in January of 2020, and begin construction in July 2020. The total time of construction is anticipated to be 18 months.

The Capital Project Vote will be held on Tuesday, December 18th from 1:00-9:00 p.m. at the Harry Hoag Elementary School at 25 High Street, Fort Plain, NY. All district residents aged 18 and over are qualified to vote.

Gram Lorraine Program:

For nearly twenty years, the Gram Lorraine Program has been serving local families by providing deserving children of the Mohawk Valley with four items of clothing, and a toy, book or game during the holidays. For the 9th consecutive year, members of the Fort Plain School staff, along with other community members, have come together to support students in the Fort Plain area with gifts and clothing at Christmastime. Local coordinators Tara Hayes, Lori Fredericks, and Julie Crouse are grateful for the outpouring of support for the many families in our community who rely on the Gram Lorraine Program to bring joy to their children’s faces on Christmas morning.

Eighth-Grade Family Night – October 25th

On Thursday, October 25th, the eighth-grade team hosted a Family Night.

The night started with a delicious dinner which followed by an “Escape Room” activity. Families were assigned to groups and brought to a classroom where they had to work together to figure out clues from each subject area to “escape.”

Each family in the first group to escape won a freshly baked pumpkin pie.

All families were treated to dessert in the cafeteria after escaping their room.

The eighth-grade team would like to thank the generous donors as well as the families for making the event a great time for all!

A family posing in a photobooth   Students and parents trying to solve a puzzle

Students and parents in a cafeteria eating dessert

Legal Notice of Special Meeting Fort Plain CSD



NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that pursuant to a resolution adopted by the Board of Education of the Fort Plain Central School District on October 17, 2018, that a special meeting of the qualified voters of the School District be and the same is hereby called to be held in the gymnasium of the Fort Plain Harry Hoag Elementary School, 25 High Street, Fort Plain, New York 13339 on Tuesday, December 18, 2018 from 1:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. prevailing time for the purpose of voting on the following proposition:


Shall the Board of Education be authorized to: (1) expand the purpose for which the Transportation Reserve Fund can be used to include the construction of additions to and reconstruction of various District buildings, facilities and athletic fields and the acquisition of original furnishings, equipment, machinery or apparatus, such Fund to be hereafter called the Transportation and Capital Reserve Fund, increase the maximum amount of such Fund to $5,000,000 and increase the life of such Fund to ten (10) years form the date hereof; (2) reconstruct various District buildings, construct and reconstruct site work and athletic fields, acquire original furnishings, equipment, machinery or apparatus and pay incidental costs related thereto, at a maximum cost of $11,245,806; (3) expend $1,300,000 from the Transportation and Capital Reserve Fund to pay a portion of the costs of such purpose; (4) levy the necessary tax therefore, to be levied and collected in annual installments in such years and in such amounts as may be determined by the Board of Education taking into account state aid and the amount expended from the Transportation and Capital Reserve Fund; and (5) in anticipation of the collection of such tax, issue bonds and notes of the District at one time or from time to time in the principal amount not to exceed $9,945,806, and levy a tax to pay the interest on said obligations when due?

The vote upon such proposition shall be registered upon voting machines or by absentee ballot. The hours during which the polls shall be kept open shall be from 1:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. prevailing time or for as long thereafter as necessary to enable qualified voters who are in the polling place at 9:00 p.m. to cast their ballots. Any person shall be entitled to vote who is: (a) a citizen of the United States, (b) eighteen years of age and (c) a resident within the District for a period of thirty days next preceding the December 18, 2018 vote.

Absentee ballots may be applied for at the office of the District Clerk. Applications for absentee ballots must be received by the District Clerk at least seven days prior to the vote if the ballot is to be mailed to the voter, or on or prior to December 17, 2018, if the ballot is to be delivered personally to the voter. Absentee ballots must be received by the District Clerk not later than 5:00 p.m. on December 18, 2018. A list of all persons to whom absentee ballots shall have been issued will be available in the office of the District Clerk from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. prevailing time on each weekday until the day of the vote. Any qualified voter may challenge the acceptance of the ballot of any person on such list, by making his challenge and reasons therefore known to the District Clerk.

District Clerk

Please publish: Website November 2, 2018

Amsterdam Recorder: November 2, 2018 November 19, 2018 December 3, 2018 December 17,2018

Courier-Standard-Enterprise: November 2, 2018 November 16, 2018 November 30, 2018 December 14, 2018

Fitness Center Open to Public from Nov. 5 – April 30

The Fort Plain Central School will be allowing district residents to use the Fitness Center located in the Jr. Sr. High School building from November 5th through April 30th.

The fitness center will be open from 5:00 am – 7:00 am and 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm on days school is in session.

If you would like to sign up for the fitness center, please contact Becky in the District Office at 518-993-4000 ext. #1000.

The cost for district residents is $20 per month, non-district residents – $30 per month; anyone 65 and older may use the facility for free.

Pacers Program


The Fort Plain Central School will again be inviting district residents to walk inside the elementary school from November 5th through April 30th.

District residents may walk during the hours of 4:30 pm – 7:30 pm on days school is in session.

If you would like to sign up for the Pacers Program, please contact Becky in the District Office at 518-993-4000 ext. #1000. The cost is $5.00.

October Newsletter Available

October 2018 Pennysaver Newsletter

Highlights of the Newsletter

High School Students Enjoy Guest Speaker

Wali Shah, a spoken word poet, and public speaker, recently visited with students at the high school. Mr. Shah encourages students to use poetry as a tool for self-expression. He shares story-telling as an empowering art form, inspiring students to share their own stories and express themselves in an artistic and creative way. Mr. Shah’s messages focus on good mental health, resiliency, positive peer relationships, and becoming a better leader through peace and understanding. Principal Deborah Larrabee spoke recently about the positive feedback from Mr. Shah’s presentation. “I heard several students say he was the best speaker they’ve ever heard. He was positive, upbeat and engaging, using his words to connect with our students,” she said. “They saw themselves in his stories.”

Elementary Buddy Bench Campaign

October is Bullying Awareness month. In honor of this, the Elementary Student Council is working to raise money to purchase a “Buddy Bench”, which will be customized for our school. A buddy bench is placed on the playground and kids who are feeling left out and need a “buddy” to play with can sit there. This will be a universal sign to all students that someone is feeling left out. The students will recognize this and know they should show kindness and compassion the student on the bench. They could ask them to play or go sit and talk with them. The approximate cost of the bench is $1300. This may seem like a lot of money for a bench but it has to meet specifications to be on our playground. Student Council has a fund but cannot cover the entire cost without your help. For the month of October we will be asking our school community for help with this endeavor. Students will be starting a “loose change” drive. Containers will be in each classroom for students to bring in any loose change to help with the cost. Student Council members have made presentations to each grade level, to inform their fellow classmates about the purpose and spirit of the bench, and about their fundraising effort. Student Council members will be collecting donations each week from the various classrooms. Anyone in the community who would like to make a donation, please contact Mrs. Hext at (518) 993-4000 ext. #3055.

Merged Volleyball Team Wraps Season

Canajoharie and Fort Plain schools have finished their first year of a combined varsity volleyball program on a high note, with a positive record and a sectional placement. The two former teams spent some time in the early season getting to know one another, learning each player’s strengths and weaknesses, and forming one cohesive unit. They traveled to a local ropes course, to learn to overcome obstacles as a group and to encourage each member to step forward as a leader and a driving force.

Canajoharie and Fort Plain Central School’s Joint Girl’s Volleyball Teams

Fort Plain and Canajoharie Varsity Volleyball Team
Fort Plain & Canajoharie Varsity Volleyball Team

Canajoharie and Fort Plain Central School district combined teams to create the girl’s volleyball team.

“The teams are working well together. We have a wonderful mix of talented players from each school,” said Varsity Coach Lisa Trembley.

The girls went to a ropes course in August to help bond while overcoming obstacles together.

“It was a fun way to work on team dynamics.”

The team is still working and improving to grow.

“We are excited to play this season.”

Check out the girls play! Here is the upcoming schedule:
Saturday, October 6: Tournament – Varsity @ Schoharie
Tuesday, October 9: @ Duanesburg
Thursday, October 11: @NDBG
Tuesday, October 16: Non-League Game – Hadley-Luzerne@ FP (Senior Night)
Thursday, October 18: Tournament @ WAC
Saturday, October 20: Tournament – Varsity @ Mekeel
Wednesday, October 24: Sectional Prelims
Friday, October 26: Sectional Quarters
Tuesday, October 30: Sectional Semis
Friday, November 9: Exceptional Senior Game @ TBD

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