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Join our team: Fort Plain CSD is hiring

Good schools make good communities—and are great places to work. Join our awesome Fort Plain CSD team!

Fort Plain Central School District is hiring:

Interested? Please submit an application, letter of interest, three letters of recommendation and a copy of high school diploma or equivalency to Rebecca J. Smith, Secretary to the Superintendent/District Clerk, District Office, 25 High Street, Fort Plain, N.Y. 13339.

Questions? Please contact the District Office at 518-993-4000, ext. 1000.

Visit our employment page to learn more about working for the Fort Plain Central School District.

Pediculosis/Head Lice Policy

Head lice are tiny insects that can be found on the scalp and hair. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), an estimated 6 million to 12 million infestations occur each year in the United States among children 3 to 11 years of age. The term for infestation of lice is pediculosis.

While head lice are not harmful and do not spread disease, they can cause discomfort and annoyance. It is essential that we work together as a community to prevent and manage any cases that may arise.

Pediculosis Policy

At its regular meeting on February 14, 2024, the Fort Plain CSD Board of Education voted to approve district policy 7515 related to pediculosis (head lice.)

This policy is designed to support students and families in their efforts to control and eliminate lice, maintain student privacy and decrease absenteeism.

Fort Plain Central School District Policy 7515 – Pediculosis

Pediculosis is infestation with the human head-and-body louse, Pediculus humanus. There are two subspecies, the head louse (P. h. capitis) and the body louse (P. h. humanus).

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the National Association of School Nurses (NASN) do not treat head lice as an illness that necessitates an absence from school and have shown that the contagion does not spread as easily as once thought.

The Board of Education does not condone the absence of students from school for unnecessary reasons.  The District is invested in keeping infestations to a minimum.

In order to control infestations of pediculosis, the Board of Education has adopted the following protocols:

  • Whenever there is a possibility of an infestation, the School Nurse will conduct a head check to assess the situation.  If live lice are found, the School Nurse will contact the student’s parent/guardian. The parent/ guardian will be asked to pick up the student and apply a corrective treatment.  The student will not be allowed to return to their classroom until a corrective treatment has been given.  Corrective treatments will be made available as needed (provided by the School Nurse) and are to be administered at home. The School Nurse will reassess the student via a head check after treatment is applied.  The student must be free from live lice in order to return to the classroom and/or be able to participate in school functions.
  • Administrators and the School Nurses will work with both students and parents to minimize the number of absences caused by head lice.

*If a student has live lice, they may not attend any after school events on the day of the assessment, unless a treatment has been applied and there has been a consultation with the School Nurse or an administrator clearing them to participate.  Ex.  Student is sent home at 2pm.  Treatment is applied.  Parent contacts the administrator to receive permission for the student to attend the concert.  Administrator grants permission. 

  • All School Staff will protect student privacy and maintain the confidentiality of medical information related to infestations of head lice.


  • Whenever a student is identified with live lice, a parent notification will be sent to the entire class to raise awareness regarding exposure.
  • Ongoing monitoring by School Nurses via random classroom and household head check.
  • Treatment kits provided to families as needed.
  • Timebound interventions for classrooms where a case of live lice was identified.
    • Spacing between personal items
    • Classroom screenings
    • No head-to-head contacts or sharing of headgear allowed

New high school offering inspires “out of this world” learning

Two high school students sit side by side as a table in a school classroom. They are looking downward and are focused on their work at building small space vehicles with LEGO-type building blocks.
“I chose this class because I am really interested in space and a lot of what NASA does,” said tenth grader Dawson Tracki, pictured (left) at work on a space-themed LEGO team-building activity along with classmate Ian Zuppardi.

New this spring, the History of NASA elective at Fort Plain High School is offering students a chance to explore space right in the classroom.

Both students with a strong interest in space and space exploration as well as those who just want to learn more about a unique aspect of U.S. history have “gravitated” to this new class.

“This is something the kids had expressed a particular interest in learning more about,” explained High School History Teacher Bradley Niles, who designed and leads the class.“It is great to have the flexibility to create a course that taps into something they are so interested in.”

From the origins of the U.S. space program and the first manned landing on the Moon in 1969 to the creation and evolution of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), this course introduces students to the history, politics, science and innovation that have gone into and continue to influence space exploration.

Speakers inspire students to reach for the stars

Along with classroom lessons and projects that emphasize hands-on learning, problem solving, teamwork and reflection, students will benefit from learning and conversation with guest speakers with expertise on the topic of space and space exploration.

First up was a virtual visit from former Fort Plain High School Science Teacher Patrick Petty, who beamed in from Houston, TX on Feb. 5 to talk with the students about the work he now does with NASA as a Mission Support Specialist for its Human Exploration Research Analog (HERA) division.

Petty’s stories about his work at HERA ran the gamut from how to purchase supplies for multiple people for forty-five day missions to what it is like to simulate space exploration for test subjects.

“I think that Mr.Petty has a lot of passion for space and his career that he has pursued. I also think that what he is doing is really fascinating,” said senior Ian Zuppardi. “If I had the opportunity to do what he is doing I would take it.”

“It was phenomenal to have Mr. Petty volunteer his time to help bring space exploration to our classroom,” added Niles. “It is clear Mr. Petty both loves his job and has a ton of knowledge to share on the topic. Our conversation with him has given us more topics to explore this semester and avenues for future projects.”

Fort Plain spirit wear on sale – now through Feb. 19

Athletic apparel and other Fort Plain-branded spirit wear is now on sale through Feb. 19.*

Show your Topper Pride and support the Varsity Baseball Team and Fort Plain Baseball Booster Club, the hosts of this fundraiser.

Check out the great selection of fun Fort Plain apparel options available.

*All orders are produced and shipped directly to customers. Production starts after the shop closes on Feb. 19 and items should be received by the customer four weeks from close of the team shop. 

Celebrating our bus riders of the month

An image featuring a line drawing of a bright yellow school bus with black and red trim.Each month, Fort Plain’s bus drivers are recognizing responsible student riders.

The drivers are looking for riders who are respectful, responsible and safe while riding to and from school.

Each student recognized receives a certificate, a gift card and personalized key chain.

Bus Riders of the Month

Congratulations to the following students for being our Riders of the Month:

January 2024

  • Kaylee Becker
  • Daniel Bennett
  • Kyle Christman
  • Alex Ellis
  • Jake Fountain
  • Yareli Gonzalez-Morales
  • Darlin Lopez-Vasquez
  • Sophia Mabb
  • Jordan Thackrah

December 2023

  • Eve Brown
  • Fiona Brown
  • Gabriella Calhoun
  • Hilari Carrillo-Recinos
  • Aileen Germond
  • Christian Jones
  • Jazmain Leonard
  • Claudia Maring
  • IvyKate McGuire
  • Adalay Webb

November 2023

  • Marc Barton
  • Trinity Belliveau
  • Logan Carey
  • Sienna Dean
  • Victoria DuMond-Hall
  • McKenzie Jones
  • Grace Mang
  • Lilly Mang
  • Zoe Paul
  • Tanner Putnam
  • Brandon Schuyler
  • Garett Trumbull

Jr./Sr. High School second quarter honor roll, principal’s list

Our Jr./Sr. High School is proud to announce the 2023-24 second quarter Honor Roll and Principal’s List. The Honor Roll and Principal’s List recognize outstanding achievement and effort.

Congratulations to the following students:

Honor Roll

Grade 12

  • Karissa Battisti
  • Ezekiel Brown
  • Courtney Euler
  • Paul Grassel
  • Vandwane Hisert
  • Kierstan Horender
  • Ethan Hubbard
  • Alexis Maaser
  • Anand Ragoo
  • Sarinda Sardina
  • Marissa Wilder
  • Ian Zuppardi

Grade 11

  • Jordan Brown
  • Dakota Cooper
  • Mariah Deese
  • Cris-John Fuhs
  • Shawn Gutermuth
  • Damien Massie
  • Nevaeh Rivers
  • Maiya Sousa

Grade 10

  • Owen Castellano
  • Madison Clayburn
  • Traeh Compton
  • Daniel Euler
  • Macey LeRoy
  • Grace McFee
  • Constance Narzymski
  • Bradley Rumrill
  • Summer Trumbull

Grade 9

  • Faith Clark
  • Bryellah D’Arcangelis
  • Jeremy Gebhardt
  • Levi Hext
  • Madison Lewis
  • Gavin Massie
  • Elle Nare
  • Ariana Nemeth
  • Brodie Poultney
  • Trent Reynolds
  • Aidyn Rooney
  • Kendra Sackett
  • Larry Sanders III
  • Landon VanGorder

Grade 8

  • Logan Carey
  • Sophia Mabb
  • Jasmine Rumrill

Grade 7

  • Jessie Fink
  • Alexandra Hinkle
  • Justin Hisert
  • Khloe Hisert
  • Madden Lathers
  • Kenyan Leverock
  • Gabriella Peters
  • Carl Reese III
  • Trent Richards
  • Jaymes Smith
  • Issac Tompkins
  • Kiana Tyler
  • Jordan Williams II

Principal’s List

Grade 12

  • Carter Baldwin
  • Kelsey Buley
  • Lyrique Busch
  • Mason Cook
  • David Doxtader
  • Victoria DuMond-Hall
  • Jasmine Fonda
  • Aidan Guile
  • Jordan Hillsgrove
  • Brady Keane
  • Monika Kulczynski
  • Sadie Mollel
  • Michael Palmeri
  • Matthew Paul
  • Gracelynn Rice
  • Devan Sanders
  • Alex Smith
  • Breanna Steinhauer
  • Delana Tracki

Grade 11

  • Nathan Benson
  • Yunus Demir
  • James Douglas
  • Ashlynn Hart
  • Vienna Jackson
  • Christian Krulczyk
  • Payton Landry
  • Jasmine Lapi
  • Katie LeRoy
  • Adriyanna Rouse
  • Brandon Schuyler
  • Chase Tyler

Grade 10

  • Haeun Bae
  • Ian Burns
  • Josephia Carcasole
  • Emma Cook
  • Koby Herron
  • McKenna Karker
  • Dylan Keane
  • Kyera Murray
  • Taylor Potter
  • Bailie Richardson
  • Dawson Tracki

Grade 9

  • Trinity Belliveau
  • Jordyn Best
  • Gamliel Brackett
  • Kala Clapper
  • Isabella Fountain
  • Mason Gray
  • Jansheen Haider
  • Lyllie Handy
  • Hailey Hayes
  • Brooke Jones
  • Lilly Lapi
  • Faith Narzymski
  • Alexis Palmeri
  • Silas Smith
  • Brady Spaulding
  • Olivia Sweet
  • Cheyanne Wall

Grade 8

  • Joseph Barr
  • Caleigh Bartholomew
  • Eliyahna Brackett
  • Dio Callan
  • Jordan Gallt
  • Brianne Gallt
  • Aileen Germond
  • Violet Handy
  • Lincoln Kretser
  • Blake Lapi
  • George Mang
  • Cristopher Quiroz-Romero
  • Charlotte Sherwood
  • Gabreilla Steinhauer
  • Daija Suits
  • Dorian Tracki
  • Evan Weaver

Grade 7

  • Halleli Brackett
  • Lexis Downes
  • Joshua LaQuee
  • Jazmain Leonard
  • Connor Lochner
  • Lainie McDuffee
  • Isabella McGuire
  • Jack Parkinson
  • Zoe Paul
  • Mary Pomatto
  • Braddock Putnam
  • Dylan Salerno
  • Molly Shults
  • Anna-Belle Snyder
  • Gavin Souza
  • Rylee Stone
  • Kinley Trumbull

Harry Hoag second quarter honor roll and principal’s list

Harry Hoag Elementary School is proud to announce the 2023-24 second quarter Honor Roll and Principal’s List. The Honor Roll and Principal’s List recognize outstanding achievement and effort.

Congratulations to the following students:

Honor Roll

Grade 5

  • Zachary Alkinburgh
  • Kaylee Becker
  • Tori Compton
  • Nauni Fink
  • Christian Jones
  • Andres Medina
  • Caine Suiter
  • Hunter Wallett
  • Kiernan Welch

Grade 6

  • Riley Cionek
  • Christopher Cook
  • Ziva Dimon
  • Bently Dodson
  • Olivia Jones
  • Carl Morrell
  • Julian President
  • Amaya Rivera
  • Elijah Shostek
  • Kendrik Thackrah
  • Kaden Welch

Principal’s List

Grade 5

  • Isabelle Allen
  • Aiden Bunker
  • Kyle Christman
  • KataLenah Clapper
  • Lleyton Emrick
  • Audrina Gomez
  • Rystara Handy
  • Quinn Hisert
  • Roy Johnson IV
  • Serenity Leverock
  • Lilly Mang
  • IvyKate McGuire
  • Elaena Minarich
  • Wesley Moshier
  • Oliver Parkinson
  • Danyel Rankin
  • Willow Richards
  • Isley Ruszkowski
  • Beverly Sherwood
  • Isabella Shibley
  • Prestyn Spraker
  • Kayden Trumbull
  • Addison Weaver

Grade 6

  • Angela Abe-Callan
  • Fiona Brown
  • Brantlee Brownell
  • Alana Candido
  • Owen Charboneau
  • Aubree Childs
  • Milo Clark
  • Christopher Compton Jr.
  • Sienna Dean
  • Arianna Eells
  • Laura Flynn
  • Raelynn Fournier
  • Laylah Hardnett
  • Isabella Hearn
  • Amarha Herring
  • Jake Fountain
  • McKenzie Jones
  • Timothy Keane
  • Piper Kretser
  • Jacob LaQuee
  • Russhell Leverock
  • MaeLyn Meddaugh
  • Isabella Palmeri
  • Mara Poultney
  • Claudia Maring
  • Aishwarya Murray
  • Kaydence Robellard
  • Ethan Shostek
  • Gavin Smith
  • Noah Smith
  • Rosabella Smith
  • Booker Tarica
  • Maicee Thomas
  • Adalay Webb

February 2024 Harry Hoag Roundup

Each month during the school year, Principal Coppolo shares news and information about what’s happening and upcoming at Harry Hoag Elementary School in Harry Hoag’s Monthly Roundup.

The February edition of the Roundup is now live. Read the February 2024 Harry Hoag Monthly Roundup. 

New! Read-alouds from the Harry Hoag students and teaching team

New this month, the Roundup features a video read-aloud of I Like Myself by author Karen Beaumont, as led by Harry Hoag’s School Counselor, Mrs. Macherone (with some special helpers!) Students in our Harry Hoag Technology Club provided the support with filming, editing and producing this video.

We hope you enjoy this read-aloud as much as we have.

We are excited to launch these video read-alouds this February and plan to feature other books read by Harry Hoag’s guest readers in future editions of the Roundup.

Congratulations to our 6th Grade D.A.R.E. graduates

A large group of students wearing black t-shirts with the acronym "DARE" in red on their fronts stand together in a school gymnasium. All are holding certificates and looking at and smiling for the camera.
Congratulations to our sixth graders on completing the D.A.R.E. curriculum and learning about making good life decisions.

On Feb. 1, our sixth grade students were recognized for successfully completing the D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) curriculum at Harry Hoag Elementary School.

Led by Fort Plain School Resource Officer and Montgomery County Deputy Sheriff Nicholas Manginelli, D.A.R.E. is designed to help support youth in leading safe and healthy lives free from violence, substance abuse and other dangerous behaviors.

“Making good decisions is the foundation of becoming a responsible adult,” said Montgomery County Sheriff Jeffrey T. Smith, who along with Deputy Manginelli, District Superintendent Lauren Crisman and Harry Hoag Principal Jodi Coppolo spoke at the event. “The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office is proud to partner with our local school districts in providing D.A.R.E. instruction to our youth.”

“We thank the students, parents, staff and community for being part of this very important process,” Sheriff Smith continued. “Congratulations to the graduates. Take these lessons learned forward and continue to make us proud!”


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