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Ride With Pride School Bus Behavior Contract

General Information

  • Bus drivers, students, parents, teachers, and school administrators share the responsibility for bus safety, following all bus rules, and
    behaving in a responsible manner. All school buses are equipped with cameras. When there is a conduct concern, the bus video will be

◻ I agree to ride the bus safely.
Stay seated
Keep aisles free of backpacks
At stops, remain at designated area until bus comes to complete stop
DO NOT put any part of my body outside the window
DO NOT push or shove others
DO NOT leave seat while bus is in motion

◻ I agree to follow all bus rules and be responsible.
Keep hands and feet to myself
No eating on the bus
Respect bus property
Sit in assigned seats
DO NOT possess weapons including laser pens
DO NOT possess alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drugs
DO NOT tamper with emergency door or equipment

◻ I agree to treat the bus, the driver, the bus aide and all passengers with respect.
Obey directions from my bus driver
Talk and act kindly to others
DO NOT leave trash, food, etc. on the bus
DO NOT throw, spit, kick or hit
DO NOT use foul language, tease, threaten others, or use inappropriate gestures.

If I choose not to follow this contract, I understand the following consequences may occur, or in the event of a serious offense I may be suspended from the bus immediately:

#1 My parent(s)/guardian will be notified by an administrator at my school district and I will be warned about the consequences of not following the school bus rules. I understand that other disciplinary measures may include a change in seat assignment, loss of privileges, parent/student conference with district administration, or other actions that are relevant to the offense.

#2 My parent(s)/guardian will be notified by an administrator and I may lose all bus privileges. If a student loses bus privileges, it is your responsibility to arrange transportation to school to ensure continuity in the student’s education.

#3 Severe Clause: Students may be suspended immediately from the bus for severe infractions for a period of time to be determined by the school administrator. A serious infraction, such as a weapon, drug or physical violence, may result in bus privileges being suspended immediately and further disciplinary actions may occur.

NOTE: If bus privileges are suspended, I must arrange my own transportation to and from school.