Quinn Jones represents Fort Plain in NYS Student Cabinet

Schenectady Daily Gazette story about the Cabinet

Congratulations to Quinn Jones who represented Fort Plain at this year’s Student Cabinet assembled by New York State Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara.

The group met on Dec. 5 at Clarkson University’s Capital Region Campus ahead of the upcoming legislative session.

Students in the Cabinet represent school districts across Albany, Schenectady and Montgomery Counties.

The group discussed challenges local schools will be facing in the upcoming year with the Assemblyman.

Quinn Jones and Assemblyman

Quinn Jones and Student Cabinet

Students get “on board” the Freedom Train during field trip

A group from the Junior/Senior High School explored the Underground Railroad during a field trip to Arkell Hall in Canajoharie on Nov. 28 as they participated in a workshop led by musician, educator, and social activist Reggie Harris.

Students Cameron David, Madison Delgado, Skila Frasier, Andra Fuhs, Stephen Gray, Ryleigh Hart, Madeline Heroth, Alex Rivkowich, Mackenzie Ropeter, Jacob Sweet and Social Studies teacher Katherine Sacco discovered the period by focusing on the music and stories of fugitives, abolitionists, journalists and free citizens that collaborated along the escape routes for enslaved African Americans in the mid 1800s.

Students wrote personal narratives, speeches, and composed an Underground code song. Using the cultural and historical context of the songs, secret codes and stories, students assembled an abolitionist meeting to get everyone “on board” the Freedom Train.

Students participate in Underground Railroad workshop
Students participate in Underground Railroad workshop with Reggie Hall.

Jr./Sr. High School Students of the Month for November

Congratulations to the Junior/Senior High School Students of the Month for November!

Grade 7 – Stephen Gray (Nominated by Dr. Pombrio)

Grade 8 – Sarah Florian (Mrs. Wilder)

Freshman – Landen Van Alstine (Mrs. Jarabek)

Sophomore – Michaela Stockwell (Mr. and Mrs. Jarabek)

Junior – Bryce Thibodeau (Mr. and Mrs. Jarabek)

Senior – Eliza Cechnicki (Mrs. Jarabek)

Half day for professional development on Dec. 15

The Fort Plain Central School District is scheduled to hold a half day for students on Dec. 15 as faculty and staff will attend the second professional development day of the school year.

Students will be released from the Junior/Senior High School at 10:30 a.m. and from Harry Hoag Elementary School at 10:40 a.m.

Comments and questions can be directed to the district office at (518) 993-4000 ext. #1000.

Eight families attend Family Math Night

Eight families attended Family Math Night at the Junior/Senior High School on Nov. 15.

It was a night of problem solving and games as parents got involved in their child’s math education.

Beyond the games at school each family went home with games and activities to reinforce the lessons learned.

The night was organized by eighth grade math teacher Sue Summerfield.

Family Math Night 2
Jayden Sackett and his father Mark, along with Bridgette England, work on a problem solving activity.
Family Math Night Fun
Eighth grader Kiley Gallt and her dad, Wayne, play a game of Shut the Box while Sarah Murphy and her family enjoy a game of checkers.

2017 Fort Plain Fall Sports Awards

From Athletic Director Charlie Karker and as announced at the annual Fall Sports Reception on Nov. 9.

New York State Public High School Athletic Association Scholar-Athlete Awards:

  • Volleyball
  • Girls Soccer
  • Girls Cross Country
  • Boys Cross Country
  • Golf

Team Awards


  • FPCS BOE 2nd Effort Award – Sarah Paradiso
  • WAC Mohawk Division 2nd Team All-Star- Lauren Weinberger
  • Senior Game Athletes- Victoria Wilday & Kaylee Atkins


  • FPCS BOE 2nd Effort Award – Brady Fureno
  • Coach’s Awards – Taylor Gifford & Jacob Hazlett
  • WAC Mohawk Division 1st Team All-Stars – Jacob Hazlett, Taylor Gifford & Brady Fureno

Girls Soccer

  • FPCS BOE 2nd Effort Award – Emily Abrams
  • D’Arcangelis Super-Sub Award – Hannah Leonard
  • Section 2 and WAC Mohawk Division 1st Team All-Stars – Emily Abrams & Gabriella Jenks
  • Section 2 and WAC Mohawk Division 2nd Team All-Stars – Kendall Kennedy & Maecee Lathers

Boys Soccer

  • FPCS BOE 2nd Effort Award – Ethan Spaulding
  • Hilltopper Award – Patrick Murphy
  • Captain’s Award- Bryce Thibodeau
  • Most Improved Award- Josh Nellis
  • WAC Mohawk Division 1st Team All-Star- Jaxson Yacowenia
  • WAC Mohawk Division 2nd Team All-Star- Adan Vasquez

Girls Cross Country

  • FPCS BOE 2nd Effort Award – Michaela Stockwell
  • Outstanding FP Runner – Eliza Cechnicki
  • 3-D Award for Desire, Determination & Dedication – Emily Marsh
  • WAC 1st Team All-Star- Eliza Cechnicki

Boys Cross Country

  • FPCS BOE 2nd Effort Award – Jason Huang
  • Outstanding FP Runner – Michael Hoffman
  • 3-D Award for Desire, Determination & Dedication – Sean Staples
  • Most Improved – Seth Wintermute
  • WAC 1st Team All-Star – Michael Hoffman

Eighth graders tour Fort Plain cemetery, learn of immigration

As part of an interdisciplinary unit on immigration in English Language Arts and Social Studies classes, Fort Plain eighth grade students participated in a guided tour of the Fort Plain cemetery on November 21.

The tour was hosted by village historian Eileen Chambers.

Chambers shared knowledge and stories about early immigration to Fort Plain and the early residents that shaped the village into what it is today.

Fort Plain cemetery tour 1 Fort Plain cemetery tour 2

Nine from Jr./Sr. High School represent nations from 1791 at United Nations Simulation

Nine Fort Plain Junior/Senior High school students represented nations, empires, and kingdoms from 1791 at a United Nations Simulation at the Carey Institute for Global Good on Nov. 14.

Quinn Jones represents Fort Plain at the Model UN.Fort Plain’s Quinn Jones was the President of the simulation, while Bryce Thibodeau created and presented a slavery and slave trade resolution on behalf of Abyssinia. His resolution passed, 15-9.

Each student conducted extensive background research to portray their nation accurately.

Bryce Thibodeau delivers his resolution at the Model UNThe complete list of Fort Plain students included:

Quinn Jones – President

Michael D’Arcangelis – Iroquois League

Bryce Thibodeau – Abyssinia

Patrick Murphy – Russia

Jenna Reese – Portugal

Michaela Stockwell – Sardinia

Brady Fureno – Denmark

Nate Beam – Maratha Confederacy

Taylor Gifford – Siam

Household income disclosure forms available

Household Income Form (Word Doc – Fill out, Print)

Household Income Form (Printable PDF)

Our school participates in the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) under the National School Lunch Program.  Under CEP, all students receive a free breakfast and lunch each day, for the entire school year.

However, to determine eligibility to receive additional benefits, such as assistance with college course and other school program fees, families need to complete a Household Income Form.  This form also helps the school to qualify for special grants and funds.

  • Do I need to fill out a form for each child? No. Use one Household Income Form for all students living in your household.
  • My child(ren) already receive free meals at school, why should I complete this form? Many state and federal programs use household income information to determine eligibility for programs. By completing this form, our school is able to determine eligibility for additional programs that benefit everyone.
  • Who should I include as members of my household? You must include all people living in your household, related or not, who share income and expenses.  You must include yourself and all children living with you.  You do not have to include other people living with you who are financially independent.
  • What if my income is not always the same? List the amount that you normally. If you normally get overtime, include it, but do not include overtime if you only get it occasionally.
  • What do I do with the form, once it’s complete? Return the form to the main office of either building – by dropping it off, sending it with a student, or mailing. Elementary students may return it to their classroom teacher.

If you have any questions about this Household Income Eligibility Form, please contact Lauri Broady at 518-993-4000 #1003 or lauri.broady@fortplain.org