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Fort Plain begins superintendent search

October 25, 2021

Dear Community:

The Fort Plain Central School District will launch its search for a new and highly qualified superintendent to guide our students and staff into the future. To begin this process, the Fort Plain Board of Education has tapped into the resources and expertise of HFM BOCES District Superintendent Dr. David Ziskin. HFM BOCES provides superintendent recruitment services to all of its component districts.

The district will work with HFM BOCES to develop and distribute a job vacancy announcement and application in its national search for the best and most suitable superintendent candidates. The district will also work with HFM BOCES to create a recruitment brochure that highlights the many positive attributes of our district, including its rich history and exceptional opportunities for students.

Overall, we expect this search to take approximately six months, with the goal of conducting final interviews in April and having the new candidate begin his/her post on or about July 1.

The BOE feels that it is critical to obtain community input about the desired characteristics of the next superintendent as well as the challenges and opportunities that they will encounter. We are committed to seeking input from all stakeholder groups as we move forward with the search as we value the importance of community involvement to influence the kind of leader we look for as we approach the interview process and the ultimate selection of a new superintendent.

In the coming months, we will be dedicating a page on our website to the superintendent search process. This will include a timeline, process for community/stakeholder involvement, and selection process.

Thank you for your time, input and support as we embark on this important task.

Marybeth Hudyncia
President, Fort Plain Board of Education