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Students’ Friendsgiving floats make 8th grade team proud

What is colorful, creative, has a bunch of wheels and rolls to student-performed marching music? Why, the Fort Plain 8th Grade Float Parade, of course!

Before leaving for the Thanksgiving break this year, 8th grade students took part in a grade-wide project where they were asked to design and build parade floats.

The students were placed in groups based on what they considered to be their strengths in school, as well as their interests. Once their groups were formed, they began to plan and build their design. Each group was randomly assigned rolling bases that they had to use for the base of their float. These items were things that you could find in school that rolled, such as laptop carts, rolling chairs, wheelbarrow, and other items.

Students were shown a video of Macy’s Day Parade floats to gain inspiration. Once their design was drawn up and a plan was put into place, students used materials from different classrooms to construct their floats. Their finished product needed to consist of a float that rolled and also represented the category they were given.

“The day before vacation, each group lined up in the gym and paraded their float around while Mr. Burrello and members of the high school band played ‘Mickey Mouse March’,” said teacher Adam Cutspec. “Several faculty and students took the time to come down and take a look at what the 8th graders had created.

“To celebrate all that they accomplished, the entire 8th grade class had a ‘Friendsgiving’ during their lunch period. They feasted on traditional Thanksgiving food that was provided by Mrs. Cooley and her 8th grade Home and Careers classes, as well as by the cafeteria staff.

“This was a new project put together by the 8th grade team that was meant to focus on creativity, teamwork, and problem solving, and the whole team was extremely proud of what the 8th graders created.”