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Meet Harry Hoag’s new teachers

New elementary school teachers are among the new staff at Fort Plain Central School District this fall. Harry Hoag School Principal Lauren Crisman and all at FPCSD extend a warm welcome to:

Stephanie Boyer
Harry Hoag welcomes Stephanie Boyer as a new first grade teacher. Mrs. Boyer earned her master’s degree in education from Utica College. Before joining FPCSD, Mrs. Boyer taught second grade in West Canada Valley CSD. When she’s not working, she enjoys going for a run, lifting weights or spending time with her husband and son.

Ashley Searles
Harry Hoag welcomes Ashley Searles as a new first grade teacher. Mrs. Searles earned both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in education from The College of St. Rose. Before joining FPCSD, Mrs. Searles taught kindergarten in Richfield Springs CSD and first grade at Cherry Valley- Springfield CSD. In addition to teaching, Mrs. Searles loves spending time with her three kids and husband while sipping on her favorite drink, iced coffee.

Miranda Dornburgh
Harry Hoag welcomes Miranda Dornburgh as a new music teacher. Ms. Dornburgh earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Music Education from the College of St. Rose.
Ms. Dornburgh shared with us, “Last year, I filled a long-term music position at my alum where I taught general music. As a college student, you always hope to experience the light behind the student’s eyes when what you were teaching them finally clicks. I experienced that during a 6th grade general music lesson when a student finally got the concept I was teaching. He yelled ‘I love music!’ and jumped out of his seat and did a happy dance. This is why I teach. I want to share my love music and inspire others to love it too.”
Her passion for, and support of, music education made her the ideal candidate to join our FPCSD team.

Shannon Cechnicki
Harry Hoag welcomes Shannon Cechnicki to the team. Ms. Cechnicki has dual certifications in the area of Childhood Education 1-6 and Special Education 1-6. She became a teacher because she loves watching students learn and grow. Prior to joining FPCSD, she taught special education in Johnstown CSD. When she is at home, Ms. Cechnicki enjoys going on hiking trips and attending youth sports with her sons.