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Join the conversation: Canajoharie and Fort Plain feasibility study

In the coming months, the Canajoharie and Fort Plain Central School Districts will be taking part in a feasibility study to explore possible consolidation of the two districts. Read about the feasibility study and apply to participate in the Feasibility Advisory Committee. 

The study will focus on three main categories: educational experiences, organizational capacity and financial sustainability.

This study will include the gathering of community members’ thoughts, experiences and perspectives regarding a potential merger.

Canajoharie and Fort Plain CSD feasibility study Thought Exchange

To facilitate a meaningful and inclusive dialogue, the district are utilizing ThoughtExchange, a web based platform to gather diverse viewpoints from all stakeholders.

Access the Thought Exchange on the feasibility study related to a potential merger of the Canajoharie and Fort Plain Central School Districts.

Once you enter the platform, there will be directions to prompt you on how to engage.  You have the ability to make independent comments and/or you can review and rate other comments.

The Canajoharie and Fort Plain districts value this input and believe the community’s participation will be instrumental in shaping the future.

Thank you for contributing to this important conversation!