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Feasibility Study update and Advisory Committee application

Greetings FPCSD School Community,

During this past spring, both the Canajoharie and Fort Plain Boards of Education voted to engage in a Feasibility Study to explore a potential merger. We thank Assemblyman Smullen for providing aid to cover part of the cost of the study. In addition, we have applied for a grant to cover the rest of the cost.

The study will begin in June of 2024 and culminate in January of 2025, ending with a presentation of the findings for the communities. The consultant firm conducting the study will be onsite to assess and analyze operations in both districts and to facilitate several stakeholder meetings during the upcoming months for the purpose of gathering information.  In addition, community engagement opportunities will be offered through Thought Exchange, a web-based communication system where stakeholders can freely share comments.

A secondary website will be created soon to allow the public to access all of the study related materials. Please look for this link to appear on the top of both school districts’ homepages.

If you wish to be considered to serve on the Feasibility Advisory Committee, please complete the application at the link posted below. Applicants must commit to attend all of the meetings. Meetings will be held on August 21, September 12, October 17, November 14 and December 12 from 3:30-5:30 at either Canajoharie CSD or Fort Plain CSD.

Feasibility Advisory Committee application:

Once the findings are published, the communities will have to vote on whether or not to move forward with the merger. The first vote will most likely occur near the end of January. If the vote in January shows support, then there will be a second, final referendum vote tentatively scheduled to be held in March of 2025.

During February and March, additional stakeholder meetings will be scheduled to foster more discussions about the advantages and concerns related to merging. If the final vote is approved in March of 2025, the merger action will occur in July of 2026.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have questions and feel free to share this information with all members of our community.

Community engagement will be highly valued throughout this process.

Thank you for your ongoing support!

Take good care,

Mrs. Crisman

Feasibility Study Timeline

Feasibility Study for the Purpose of Centralization.

Proposal for Canajoharie Central School District and Fort Plain Central School District.

Requested Revised Timeline for Standard Tier:

May 2024—Approval of Contract & Coordination of Logistics.

June 2024—Initial Document Review Request & In-take Process; Commence Advisory Committee Recruitment; Deploy Community Engagement Exchange 1.

July 2024—Continue Document Review & Logistical Planning
Advisory Committee Appointed.

August 2024—Initial Site Visit to both Districts – 2 days of tours, meetings, & interviews; Stakeholder Focus Groups; Kick-Off Presentation of Joint Meeting of the Boards of Education; Advisory Committee Meeting 1 – Overview & Kick-Off.

September 2024—Advisory Committee Meeting 2 – Educational Experiences (virtual).

October 2024—Deploy Community Engagement Exchange 2; Advisory Committee Meeting 3 – Organizational Capacity (virtual)

November 2024—Advisory Committee Meeting 4 – Financial Sustainability (virtual).

December 2024—Advisory Committee Meeting 5 – Draft Report; Submit Draft Report to NYSED for Review.

January 2025—Final Report Presentation to Joint Meeting of Boards of Education; Deploy Community Engagement Exchange 3; Advisory Referendum

March 2025—Final Referendum.

July 1, 2026—Anticipated New School District Begins Operation Pending NYSED Confirmation.

*Discussions to-date indicate that with a March 2025 Referendum, a case may be made by the District Superintendent to recommend that the new district begin operation on July 1, 2026.

Download a pdf of the Feasibility Study Timeline.