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Honoring our veterans

Veterans Day artwork that says "Although my hands are very small I made this flag to fly for all. I might be too young to understand, but I know these colors are something grand. The red, the white, the blue forever stand! Thank you for your service!

Fort Plain Central School recognized those who served our country in honor of Veterans Day during the week of the holiday, with an assembly and special classroom activities.

students standing with police officer

In Sonja Purinton’s class at Harry Hoag Elementary, students honored veterans by making handprint flags with a poem and a handwritten “Thank You.”

They presented Fort Plain Detective Mereness with one of the projects they made, to honor him and thank him for his service.

On Thursday, Harry Hoag students and staff gathered for an assembly to honor those who’ve served in observance of Veterans Day.

Adult and students at veterans assembly in the gym

Adult and students at veterans assembly in the gym