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Fort Plain’s interim superintendent resigns, citing family responsibility

Ziskin to serve as superintendent until another interim or new superintendent appointed

Fort Plain Central School District Interim Superintendent Kathy Dougherty has resigned from her position effective today, Feb. 11, due to family responsibility.

HFM BOCES Superintendent Dr. David Ziskin, the former Fort Plain superintendent, will assume the role of superintendent at no cost to the district. In their statutory duties as representatives of the New York State Education Department, it is the responsibility of a BOCES district superintendent to assume the role of superintendent in any component district when the position becomes vacant.

Dougherty said she is resigning from her position so she can be closer to her daughter, who is expecting a baby.

“This is a special opportunity to serve my family in a new capacity as a grandmother,” Dougherty said. “After much thought, I have decided that this is the best decision for my family. My daughter lives a considerable distance away, so this is a relocation for me.”

Dougherty was appointed in June to fill the vacancy created by Ziskin’s appointment as HFM BOCES district superintendent and chief executive officer.

“It’s been a privilege to have served the Fort Plain Central School District,” Dougherty said. “I need to express how impressed I am with the district’s core values and how they are focused so strongly around students. A common thread around everything we do in Fort Plain is based on what’s best for students. There is a very unselfish and altruistic culture in this district.”

Ziskin will serve as the Fort Plain superintendent until either another interim is selected or a new superintendent is appointed. The district’s search for a new superintendent is underway. The call for applications from potential candidates closed on Jan. 30. Interviews will conclude by the end of  March, with a final appointment anticipated in early April. The new superintendent is expected to start in July.

“On behalf of the Fort Plain community, I would like to thank Mrs. Dougherty for her service to the school district. We wish her well in the next chapter of her life,” Ziskin said.

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