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COVID-19 Updates

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District submits reopening plan

School districts are required to submit plans for three scenarios: In-person learning at school, remote learning at home and blended learning (a “hybrid” combination of in-person & remote learning).  

Fort Plain Central School District has submitted its reopening plan to the New York State Department of Education.

The full plan is available at

School districts are required to submit plans for three scenarios:

  1. In-person learning at school
  2. Remote learning at home
  3. Blended learning (a “hybrid” combination of in-person & remote learning).  

Each school district must submit plans to NYSED by July 31. The governor plans to announce how schools will reopen in early August. His decision will be based upon the local/state COVID-19 infection rate at that time.

Among other requirements, there are strict health and safety regulations which must be followed.  Health and safety of the children and adults is paramount and must be the first consideration in the development of plans.  There is a clear directive that face coverings must be worn at all times when social distancing cannot be achieved.

The Fort Plain plan is strategically designed to maximize student – teacher contact time in all settings. That being said, the ability to physically space children and adults will limit our ability to have all students in attendance at the same time.  

The reopening plans will continue to be shaped by state and federal guidance as well as through consultation with health departments.

This is a tentative framework of the reopening plan for Fort Plain CSD. The plan is subject to change based on resources, community/stakeholder feedback and guidance from the governor, Department of Health, Centers for Disease Control and NYSED.