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Oct. 7: Return to school protocols reminder

As you know, everyone who enters our school buildings is being asked to screen for possible COVID-19 symptoms. Those who are ill are asked to stay home. We wanted to clarify what needs to happen before students and staff can return to school after falling ill or showing COVID-19 symptoms.

If a student or employee has shown symptoms of the coronavirus, one of the following must take place before that person can return to school:
The person’s health care provider provides a conclusive diagnosis of something other than COVID-19;
The person tests negative for COVID-19; or
The person is released from isolation by the Department of Health.

Students and employees will be asked to provide documentation from a health care provider of an alternative diagnosis, or a negative COVID test result.

The district will work with the county department of health in instances where a person connected to the school district has shown symptoms of the coronavirus for at least 48 hours, but has not been tested or has not received a conclusive alternative diagnosis within that time. The department of health will determine the need for notification, quarantine and contact tracing.

While these protocols may present challenges for some families, please be aware that they are not simply school or district policy: Only the department of health has the power to release individuals from isolation, which would then allow them to return to the school.

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