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NYS 2024 Summer Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) Funds

The USDA and New York state provide families with an extra food benefit for the summer months, when some children do not have access to school meals.

Each eligible child will receive $120 in Summer EBT food benefits in 2024.

This year, the Summer Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) program will work a little differently.

While Fort Plain CSD is a CEP district, meaning all students eat at school for free, this does not automatically qualify all of our students for EBT benefits. Only students from households with qualifying incomes are eligible.

Many children are automatically eligible for Summer EBT. These include:

  • Families that have received SNAP or Medicaid benefits during the 2023-2024 school year, your children are already eligible. You do not need to take any action—your benefits will be automatically sent, beginning in July.
  • Families that qualified for “free or reduced” status during this school year, for example those who applied for reasons of AP fees or driver’s education class.  Students in these families have already been reported by the district and will also automatically receive their benefits. Families cannot apply for this “free or reduced” status with the district now—the deadline for that has passed.

If your family does not receive SNAP or Medicaid, but you believe your household income falls below the threshold, you can apply for the Summer EBT benefits. Only one application per household is required.

To apply, visit:

Applicants will need:

  • children’s names
  • dates of birth
  • address
  • phone & email address

Applicants also need a NY.GOV ID, used for electronically signing documents online. Those who do not have a NY.GOV ID may apply for one at:\4/login.xhtml (click on “create an account.”) This step should be completed before beginning the EBT application.

Applicants will be notified by email when their application is received. They will then be notified in late August or early September about whether the application has been approved.

More Details

Summer EBT benefits will no longer be put onto SNAP cards. For those who received Pandemic EBT funds last year, the Summer EBT benefits will be deposited onto that same P-EBT card. A new Summer EBT card will be sent to those who did not receive benefits last year, but qualify for them this year.

All families who automatically qualify for EBT this year will be notified by letter. The letter will tell these families when and how to expect their benefits.

Please make sure that the address on file with your county SNAP department or with the state EBT office is up to date. To request an address change, call 1-833-452-0096 or visit

If you cannot find your old P-EBT card, but you still remember your four digit PIN, you can request a new card by calling 1-888-328-6399. If you cannot find your old P-EBT card and you don’t know what the four
digit PIN associated with the old card is, then request a new card by calling 1-833-452-0096.