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Helping students use digital tools safely and effectively

Harry Hoag students will learn how to use online resources safely and effectively through three special presentations in their school.

On Friday, Jan. 13, and on Feb. 17 and March 10, the Integrated Community Alternatives Network (ICAN), a nonprofit organization, will present to kindergarten through 6th grade classes about digital safety, the appropriate use of technology and how to navigate the internet responsibly.

School Counselor Stephanie Macherone organized the visits, with each presentation geared appropriately to meet each particular grade level’s developmental needs.

“The presentations are designed to increase our students’ understanding of digital safety, help them to become more mindful of their technology usage and increase their knowledge of how to navigate the internet safely,” said Elementary Principal Jodi Coppolo. “Our goal is to educate students and provide them with the tools, skills and strategies they need to become digitally literate.”