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Back to School Parent Information Guide for Harry Hoag Elementary

This page was updated Aug. 24 to reflect changes to the school calendar.

Please note, this page was updated Aug. 24 to reflect changes to the school calendar. The first day of school on Sept. 14 is an “A” day; the second day of school on Sept. 15 is a “B” day.

Greetings Families of Harry Hoag Elementary School,

I hope that everyone found time to enjoy the beautiful summer months! We have been busy planning for the much anticipated return of our students this fall. At the heart of our planning, was that idea that school should be a safe and welcoming environment that is tailored to support learners of all ages and all abilities. We have kept those core beliefs in mind as we developed our pandemic school experience. We believe that we can adjust our professional practices this year and keep student learning and personal growth for all as the central objectives of our work.  

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, there will be several changes to our school routines. These changes were developed to promote ongoing health and safety for all of our school community members. Please read this information carefully. 

To ensure the effectiveness of our new procedures, per the recommendations of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the New York State Education Department (NYSED), the structure of our school day will be different.

Start to the Year

In an effort to transition students back to school successfully and comfortably,  Harry Hoag will begin the year with individual meetings for all learners. Teachers will reach out to schedule a visitation for each child.  We ask that a caregiver plan to attend the meetings as well. Special accommodations for working parents can be made as needed.  

The first day of in person learning for Day A will be Monday, Sept. 14 and for Day B will be Tuesday, Sept. 15. A calendar of the A/B cycle will be posted on our website.

Parents should watch the mail this week for a letter with individual details about A/ B day assignments. 

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Blended Model

The school year will be run on a Day A and Day B rotation. Students will attend school one day in person, then remain home for remote instruction on the next day. This A/B pattern will repeat for the foreseeable future.  Students will have assignments to complete on the home/remote day. By splitting the class sections into two, we will be able to decrease the number of students in a classroom each day.  This will allow for social distancing to occur so that students do not have to wear a face covering all day. Maximum in person class sizes would be near 10 students.

Harry Hoag Elementary School Day

7:50-8:05 Bus Drop only

8:05-8:30 Parent Drop off and Walkers are welcome

8:30-2:20 Instructional Day  

At 8:30 am and at 2:15 pm, a Google Meet will be held with all students in each homeroom.  Both in person and remote learners are expected to attend the meets daily.  If there is a conflict, caregivers should notify their child’s teacher.  These meets will set the goals for the day for all learners and provide a check in opportunity to close out the day. 

2:25 Bus Dismissal only

2:35 Parent Pick Up and Walker Dismissal 

If you choose to self transport, please note that parent drop off and walkers will be welcome at 8:05 am. 


Students in Prekindergarten – First Grade will be offered an iPad to use for the school year. Students in Grades 2-6 will be offered a Chromebook to use for the school year. Students will be expected to charge their device each night. Devices are expected to be brought to school for in person learning and then may travel home for use on the remote day. Caregivers and students (Gr 2 and above) will be asked to sign a Technology User Agreement. 

Mandatory Use of Protective Personal Equipment

All faculty, staff and students who transition throughout the building in common spaces such as the hallways or bathrooms are expected to wear a face covering at all times. Students who are unable to medically tolerate a face covering will not be required to wear one.  Face coverings will be provided to students, if needed.  

Designated Personal Workspace

In classrooms, desks/ tables  will be arranged to comply with social distancing guidelines thus eliminating the need for students to wear a face coverings during instruction. Each student will be provided a desk or table assignment to serve as their designated personal workspace for the entire day.  

Enhanced cleaning routines have been developed to accommodate for eating in the classrooms and to allow for the regular disinfection of high touch surfaces such as desks, chairs and door knobs.

Arrival Procedure

Health Screenings will be conducted each morning before coming to school for all members of the school community. Faculty, staff and students will attest to their wellness using the District provided protocol. Students riding school transportation will be screened prior to boarding the bus. Students arriving via personal transportation will be screened upon entry to the building. Face coverings may be removed once a person arrives at their designated personal workspace. 

Dismissal Procedure

All school community members are required wear a face covering during dismissal. Teachers will escort Parent Pick Up students to the gym. All others will be escorted to the buses. Parent Pick Up students will sit on designated spots (6 feet apart) until a staff member escorts them to their parent/caregiver for dismissal. 

 Once the buses have cleared, Parent Pick Up will begin.  

New this year, parents will be asked to stay in their vehicles. A traffic enforcer will manage traffic flow through the bus loop to the main entry. If you arrive at Parent Pick Up before bus dismissal is over, please park in Wiles Park. Please remain in your car. Once your vehicle reaches the main entry, a staff member will confirm your pick up list; then retrieve and deliver your children to the vehicle. If you pick up your child on foot, please also report to the main entry. There will be markings to indicate where to wait while a staff member assists you.

As you prepare for your child’s return to school this fall, please practice wearing a face covering for several minutes to simulate the experience of walking in our school hallways or having to be in large group settings for a few minutes such as at Parent Pick Up.  

More information regarding the reopening of Harry Hoag Elementary School will be shared during the virtual parent forum on Monday, Aug. 17. The forum will begin at 6 p.m. You can access the forums by going to the district’s YouTube channel.

We kindly request that you update any forms related to your child’s residency and/or health needs. Copies of The Ride with Pride Bus Behavior Contract and our Code of Conduct will be mailed. It is important to review these documents with your child prior to the start of school.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel to reach me in the Main Office at (518) 993-4000 ext. 3059 or via email at I look forward to welcoming each child back to Harry Hoag soon! Be well!

Proud to be your Principal,

Lauren Crisman