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This course is the first half of Level 1. Speaking and listening skills are reinforced, and reading and writing skills are gradually added in the target language. Students are encouraged to communicate in Spanish.


1 Credit

This course is the second half of Level 1. Much of the first quarter of the year is spent reviewing, reinforcing, and refining what was learned in 7th grade. Students are encouraged to demonstrate a higher level of mastery of structure, but the emphasis is still on being able to listen, speak, read and write in Spanish.


1 Credit

This course is Level 1 and is offered for students who transfer into Fort Plain from another district, or for students who did not successfully complete the Spanish 7-8 program in Fort Plain. This course is a one-year version of Spanish 7-8, with more emphasis in individualized instruction and mastery of basic structures.


1 Credit

Pre-requisite: Spanish I

Spanish II stresses the importance of being able to communicate in various time frames, and introduces the vocabulary needed to deal with more real life situations. Students read more culturally authentic materials, and write longer paragraphs in the target language. A higher level of communication skills in all four aspects of language acquisition is needed.


1 Credit

Pre-requisite: Spanish II

Spanish III is a review of much of the grammar used in Spanish II, and a course leading to the students being able to communicate even more efficiently in Spanish. Much of the course is conducted in Spanish, including classroom discussions and grammar explanations. Students must take the Comprehensive Spanish Regents exam.


1 Credit (High School)

4 Credits (College Level)

Pre-requisite: Spanish III

Reading, writing, speaking and listening are conducted in cycles that include grammar studies, thematic vocabulary reinforcement, thematic essay writing, culturally authentic Spanish literature, written projects, and communicative projects. The emphasis is shifted to using the language as a part of daily life. (Students are free to take the course for local credit instead of college credit.)


1 Credit (High School)

4 Credits (College Level)

Pre-requisite: Spanish IV

The skills that were achieved in Spanish IV are reinforced in Spanish V. Students progress from reading short stories to reading a novel in Spanish. The students will work on cultural and written projects as well as communicative projects. Grammar will be taught through literature. (Students are free to take the course for local credit only instead of college credit.)