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Math 7 is for the general 7th grade population. It is the basic introduction to algebraic concepts.


Students may choose this class if they have maintained approximately an 85 (or above) average and have the recommendation of the sixth grade math teacher. The class is designed to prepare students for the accelerated Math 8 class which is a Regents class.


Pre-requisite: Math 7 or Adv. Math 7

First instruction focuses on student understanding of each skill then couples the skill with how it is used in daily life. Topics include algebra, patterns and functions, probability, geometry, problem solving, number theory and measurement. Math 8 continues to build the foundation for high school math.


1 Credit

Pre-requisite: Math 7 (85% or higher)

Adv. Math 7 (80% or higher)

This is the first year of the Algebra/Geometry/Algebra II and Trigonometry sequence listed below.

ALGEBRA 1 (1st year)

ALGEBRA 2 (2nd year)

2 Credits

This is a two-year sequence designed for students with weaker math skills. A student must pass Algebra 1 before entering Algebra 2. The Algebra Regents exam is given in June of the second year.


1 Credit

This is an option for students who have successfully completed Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 to meet their third year math requirement. Students needing a fourth math credit would continue in Geometry.


1 Credit

Math B is the course that follows Math AB. It explores graphing functions, conic sections, transformations, probability and statistics, and triangle trigonometry. Students will take the Math B Regents in June.


1 Credit

Algebra is the first math course in high school. It provides tools and ways of thinking that are necessary for solving problems in a variety of disciplines. Linear, quadratic, absolute value, and exponential functions, systems of equations, matrix, measurement, data analysis and more will be studied.


1 Credit

Geometry is the second course in high school mathematics. This course employs an integrated approach to the study of geometric relationships and includes congruence and similarity or triangles, quadrilaterals and circles. Geometry leads to an understanding that reasoning and proof are fundamental aspects of math.


1 Credit

This is the third high school math course. It is a continuation and extension of Algebra and Geometry. Imaginary and complex numbers, logarithmic functions, data analysis, sequences, circular functions and problem solving will be explored.


1 Credit (High School) 3 Credits (College)

Pre-requisite: Math B

This course is intended for students who plan to take Calculus here or in college. (Students are free to take the course for either college credit or local credit.)


1 Credit (High School)

4 college credits

Students are free to take the course for local credit only instead of college credit. All students are encouraged to sit for the Advanced Placement Calculus AB exam.


1 Credit

This course is offered to students with at least one credit of high school Algebra. Students will gain a deep knowledge of the graphing calculator while doing mathematic topics from Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry.