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This new course will help you build on the keyboarding skills learned in 6th grade through a variety of computer-based projects. Be prepared to work together to create and publish your work by using a variety of software programs.


½ Credit

(suggested grades: 9,10,11,12)

Over and over again, returning students say that this course is the most valuable course taken in high school. This class will introduce students to major computer applications: publishing, spreadsheets, word processing, Internet applications and presentations all while improving keyboarding skills. This course should definitely be put on your list of “courses to take before leaving high school.” These skills are a MUST for college bound and workforce students!


½ Credit

(suggested grades: 9, 10)

The ability to manage the money gives people the things in life they want. That’s called financial planning. Developing sound financial skills helps people make good decisions about money that can bring about financial success for a lifetime. Students will learn how to “grow money”, how to develop healthy financial habits and how to be smart consumers. Suze Orman would be proud!


(Substitute for – 3rd year math)

1 Credit

(suggested grades: 11,12)

Knowledge gained from this course will be used both by students who attend college and by those who work after high school. It is a course designed for students to learn basic accounting, including basic concepts and procedures used to keep the business records of a sole-proprietorship and partnership. They will also learn about keeping personal records organized. Computerized accounting is introduced.


1 Credit

(suggested grade: 12)

Pre-requisite: Accounting

This course is a “must” for students who will attend college for business. This advanced program builds on Accounting (above) but focuses on departmental accounting, accounting control systems (inventory) and general accounting adjustments all through independent study. Computerized accounting is used.


(substitute for – Participation in Government)

½ Credit

(suggested grade: 12)

This course is the study of our government and court system, consumer law, tort law, criminal law, contracts, and employment all through the eyes of business. In this course, students become wise consumers and responsible citizens. Field trips and classroom visitors play a vital part of this course.


(substitute for – Economics & Economic Decision Making)

½ Credit

(suggested grade: 12)

This course will help students understand how the economy affects their financial future. They will learn basic economic concepts and apply those concepts to real-life situations.