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Reopening Our Schools

Fort Plain schools reopened on Monday, Sept. 14 under the hybrid instruction model, an “A” day for in-person attendance at the Harry Hoag Elementary School, with grades 7-9 attending the Jr./Sr. High School. View our Back-to-School Information Guides: Harry Hoag Elementary SchoolJr./Sr. High School

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Jr./Sr. High School Physical Education Expectations


The Physical Education Program is an integral part of the total education program here at Fort Plain Schools. Through physical activity, students will be provided the foundation for making informed decisions that empower them to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. A diverse offering of activities will provide students a variety of challenges that will contribute to the development of their physical, cognitive, and affective well-being; as well as leadership and positive social behavior characteristics. All students will participate in physical education all six years at the junior / senior high school, progressing through a sequential curriculum to ensure that they will become independent learners and competent decision makers. Physical Education is a life-long process which is the primary responsibility of the student; shared by the home, district, and community.

Department Expectations

  1. Students must wear sneakers and appropriate clothing to ensure safe participation in Physical Education. Tank tops, low cut shirts, short-shorts and pants showing underwear are not appropriate. T-shirts, shorts, sweatpants, sweatshirts are encouraged.
  2. Students are medically excused from class only when they submit an excuse to their teacher that has been issued by the Medical Office.
  3. Grades are based on a daily grading rubric, formal assessments, classroom assignments, projects and a final exam / or portfolio. See below for specific grading policy.
  4. Students that are legally absent from class are required to make up those classes within two weeks following the absence(s). Students may make up one class per day. Other opportunities are possible if arranged with your individual teacher.
  5. Cell phones and I-pods are not allowed in class. Please lock them in your lockers or have your teacher lock them in the PE offices during class.
  6. Students are expected to report to class, for attendance, within 5 minutes of each period’s start time. Tardiness consequences will be consistent with school policy.
  7. Locker rooms will be locked during all class periods. Students are also expected to lock up their belongings during class in their gym lockers to prevent theft.
  8. Athletes are positive role models for our school and are expected to change and participate for physical education classes.
  9. All discipline problems will be handled in accordance with procedures in the student handbook.
  10. The Guidance Department must handle all schedule changes.


Make-Up Options for Missed Classes

All absences must be made up within two weeks of the absence (unless alternative arrangements have been made with their PE teacher). Students must be prepared to participate in appropriate clothing and sneakers. Illegal absences, when made-up will receive only half-credit.

Students may make up missed classes during a study hall or free period if they have received a pre-signed pass from their PE teacher. There may be other additional times for PE make ups, which should also be discussed with the student’s Physical Education teacher.

Locker Room Procedures

Students need to lock up their belongings in lockers during class. The PE staff does have locks available for use during class and students are encouraged to ensure safety of their possessions. There are always theft issues in the locker room despite the Physical Education staffs’ best efforts to monitor and supervise those areas. Please protect yourself and your belongings. The school and teachers are not responsible for items left unlocked in the locker room areas or brought to class and left unattended. The doors to the locker room will be locked following the “late bell”. Students will be discouraged from letting fellow students in after that time.