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Transportation Swipe Card System

The Fort Plain CSD launched a program this year that is intended to enhance safety and improve the efficiency of the district’s school bus management system. Using a software system called Traversa on school buses, the district will be able to track student bus riders and the locations of all buses in real-time mode whenever they are on the road.

Under the system, students will each be given a swipe card that is programmed with a student’s name, where they are picked up by the bus and where they are dropped off. Students will use their cards whenever they get on or off a school bus.

The system instantly alerts the driver if a student tries to get off the bus at an unassigned stop. Drivers can also receive messages from the school buildings if any student’s drop-off location changes over the course of the trip. Knowledge of where and when a student boarded or left a bus allows our district to proactively manage student safety and prevent errors such as students boarding the wrong bus.

The system has additional benefits for bus drivers to generate turn-by-turn directions to each stop on their bus routes.

“We are proud to launch a system that enhances our ability to bus our students to and from school in the safest way possible,” Fort Plain Transportation Supervisor Tom Hajczewski said. “The system makes it easier for our bus drivers to keep both eyes on the road and both hands on the wheel.”

The swipe cards will be provided at no charge to the students or families. Students must have their cards with them at all times whenever riding the school bus to enable the system to run efficiently. Elementary students’ cards will have clips so they can be attached to their book bags or jackets. It is suggested that high school students keep their cards in their wallets or their purses.

Should the first card become lost or damaged, the district will issue a second card at no cost. If the second card is lost or damaged within a year, there will be a fee of $5 for a third or subsequent card.

If a student forgets their card, they will still be able to ride the bus. Their information will be entered manually into the system by the school bus driver.

Parents who have questions should call the transportation department.