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Mission Statement and Goals

The mission of New York State interscholastic athletic programs is to foster the quest for excellence by creating an educational and competitive experience within an atmosphere of sportsmanship. Successful programs develop individual and team potential by promoting high standards of competence, character, civility, and citizenship.

Section II Athletic Association is committed to promoting the proper ideas of sportsmanship, ethical conduct, and fair play at all Sectional activities. We will oppose instances and activities which run counter to the best values of athletic competition in order to ensure the well being of all individual players. We expect acceptable standards of good citizenship and propriety with proper regard for the rights of others.

We are further committed to the belief that schools participating in Sectional activities should be held responsible for the conduct of their players, coaches, faculty members, and spectators. Conduct which is detrimental to the educational value of the athletic activities may be deemed just cause for the school’s reprimand, probation, suspension from a particular sport or suspension from Sectional activities. Parents/guardians are reminded that they are to supervise their child during athletic events.

Goals of the Athletic Program

Competence – A student athlete in a quality program is competent in terms of skill development, knowledge of the game, strategies, fitness, conditioning, and healthy behavior.

Character – A student athlete in a quality program demonstrates responsibility, accountability, dedication, trustworthiness, fair play, and self-control.

Civility – A student athlete in a quality program demonstrates civility toward others, showing respect, fairness, and caring.

Citizenship – A student athlete in a quality program demonstrates citizenship through actions showing evidence of loyalty, commitment, teamwork, and role modeling.