Agenda for Board of Education Meeting – March 14, 2018

The Fort Plain Central School Board of Education will meet in Regular session on Wednesday, September 13, 2017 in the Ronald H. Thibodeau Conference  Room at the Harry Hoag School.

The agenda is as follows:

The agenda is as follows:

  1. Call to Order following the Public Hearing
  2. Time for Visitors
    • Jr. Sr. High School Attendance Committee
  3. Accept Treasurer’s Reports for Money market, Payroll, ACH Saving, Special Reserve, and General Fund for January 2018 (Tab#3)
  4. Accept Budget Amendments  for January 2018 (Tab #3)
  5. Accept Budget Reports for January 2018 (Tab #1)
  6. Accept Treasurer’s Reports for Extra-Classroom Funds for July 2017 (Tab #3)
  7. Accept Claims Auditor’s Reports for January 2017 (Tab #3)
  8. Accept Budget Reports for January 2017 (Tab #3)
  9. Committee Reports
    1. Policy Committee(Tab #4)
      • Approve amendment to Policy #5750 – School Bus Safety Program
  10. Previous Business
  11. New Business
  12. Business Manager
  13. Superintendent’s Report (Tab #5)
    1. Informational Items
      • 2nd Quarter Academic Athletic Report
      • HFM BOCES Annual Meeting
    2. Approve Agreement with Village of Fort Plain/Fort Plain Police Department
    3. Accept Check fro REFUEL – awarded to Mr. Karker
    4. Approve Merger of Wrestling, Swimming, Cross Country, and Volleyball Programs with Canajoharie Central School District
    5. Approve Merger of Football at all levels with Canajoharie Central School District
    6. Public Comment
    7. Executive Session
    8. Approve CSE/CPSE/504 Recommendations (Tab # 6)
    9. Approve HFM BOCES Substitute List Dated March 2, 2017 (Tab #7)
    10. Appoint Extra Duty Positions (Tab # 8)
    11. Appoint School Volunteers (Tab # 8)
    12. Appoint Long Term Substitute  (Tab #9)
    13. Tenure Aointments (Tab #9)
    14. Adjournment

Support documents are a scanned PDF. Visually impaired visitors are asked to contact the district office at (518) 993-4000 ext. #1000 for assistance.

Hands-on experiment helps sixth graders understand scientific principle

Girl in purple shirt watches intently as she holds test tube over Bunsen burner

Last month, Mr. Hanifin’s sixth grade science students conducted a great hands-on experiment.

They used a Bunsen Burner to boil a test tube of colored water.  Using test tube clamps, they dropped the hot tube into a graduated cylinder filled with tap water.  The colored water rushed upward out of the test tube to form a colored layer on the top of the graduated cylinder.

So what happened? It’s called “convection.” Hotter, less dense materials rise (think a hot air balloon) and colder, denser materials sink under the influence of gravity. As hot and cold layers mix, they transfer heat. That heat transfer plays a part in ocean currents, wind, and weather. By reducing convection, researchers create lightweight insulated clothing such as Under Armour. By increasing convection, they create faster cooking convection ovens.



Who knows? Maybe this cool experiment will inspire some of Mr. Hanifin’s students to become great scientists.

close up of hand holding test tube of red liquid over open flame

Boy wearing goggles hold a test tube of red liquid over an open flame, two other students look on

A message from Superintendent Ziskin regarding a person walking on school property

This is David Ziskin, superintendent of schools. I am posting to alleviate any  alarm created by a report that was heard by civilians over a police scanner today. This morning, the administration at our High School communicated with the Fort Plain Police, as they often do, because it had been reported that an individual, who was unfamiliar to a teacher and that teacher’s class, was observed walking on school grounds shortly after school started. This individual left school property and was seen walking toward the village shortly after.  We are pleased that our students and staff again chose to say something when they saw something. We are also very fortunate to have such a strong responsive, relationship with local law enforcement who have assured us our schools remain safe and secure.

Fort Plain Faculty/Staff Hoops set for Mar. 9

Harry Hoag School Gym will host the 2018 Faculty/Staff Basketball game on Friday, Mar. 9.

Festivities begin at 5 p.m. when students in grades 4-6 take the court for biddy basketball.  At 6 p.m., eight teams made up of a teacher, a junior or senior, and a sixth grader take the court for a skills challenge. The teams race to hit a free throw, a three-pointer, and a half-court shot. The main event, a coed faculty/staff basketball game, tips off at 7 p.m.

The annual event will pit Team Crisman against Team Larrabee. The game promises to be exciting and fun. Everyone is invited to come and cheer on their favorite teachers and school employees.

Admission is $2 for adults, $1 for students in grades 7-12, and free for students PK-6. All K-6 students need to be accompanied by an adult.

Half-time of the adult game will feature a half-court shooting challenge. One dollar buys a chance to hit a half-court shot to win five dollars. Hit two shots and win an iTune card.

All proceeds go to the PTA, which underwrites educational and extracurricular activities not funded in the school budget.

Lauri Broady honored as Friend to Education

Woman in black dress wearing a white corsage standing next to a man in a dark suit.
Mrs. Broady and Fort Plain Superintendent Dr. David Ziskin share a happy moment at a CASDA luncheon where Mrs. Broady received the association’s Friend of Education award.

On Feb. 16, Fort Plain CSD’s Lauri Broady was honored with the Capital Area School Development Association (CASDA) Friends of Education Award.

CASDA presents this award to recognize the selfless contributions of individuals who dedicate themselves to serving students and the school community.

Although Mrs. Broady is the school’s food service manager, she is much more.

Many people do not realize that she serves both Fort Plain and Canajoharie. She works together with the cafeteria staffs to ensure students receive appetizing and highly nutritional meals. To make certain that all students had access to those meals, so Mrs. Broady led successful applications to the USDA Community Eligibility Program. Under this grant, all students in both districts receive a free nutritious breakfast and lunch each school day. Her shared responsibilities extend beyond the cafeteria. She co-directs plays and musicals for Canajoharie-Fort Plain Drama Club and coordinates the Canajoharie-Fort Plain Health and Wellness Fair.

Her efforts don’t stop there.

In Fort Plain, she teaches four Talented and Gifted groups. She is the advisor for the Harry Hoag student council and produces the district newsletter that runs in the Pennysaver.

Mrs. Broady is truly a Friend of Education.

Jr/Sr High School Faculty/Staff “Go Red”

22 smiling adults wearing articles of red clothing standing on the stairs inside the schoolOn Feb. 2, faculty and staff at the Jr/Sr High School wore red to school in support of the American Heart Association’s annual “God Red for Women” campaign.

The campaign raises funds and awareness in the fight against women’s heart disease.  Funds raised by “Go Red For Women” activities support research into women’s heart health. They turn that science into materials and tools that healthcare providers and decision- makers can use to help women. The American Heart Association provides the most up-to-date strategies and treatments tailored to a woman’s individual risk. Toolkits, pocket versions of guidelines for women, special reports, and continuing medical education give healthcare providers the means to ensure that women are afforded the best and most current information and services.