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Students get “on board” the Freedom Train during field trip

A group from the Junior/Senior High School explored the Underground Railroad during a field trip to Arkell Hall in Canajoharie on Nov. 28 as they participated in a workshop led by musician, educator, and social activist Reggie Harris.

Students Cameron David, Madison Delgado, Skila Frasier, Andra Fuhs, Stephen Gray, Ryleigh Hart, Madeline Heroth, Alex Rivkowich, Mackenzie Ropeter, Jacob Sweet and Social Studies teacher Katherine Sacco discovered the period by focusing on the music and stories of fugitives, abolitionists, journalists and free citizens that collaborated along the escape routes for enslaved African Americans in the mid 1800s.

Students wrote personal narratives, speeches, and composed an Underground code song. Using the cultural and historical context of the songs, secret codes and stories, students assembled an abolitionist meeting to get everyone “on board” the Freedom Train.

Students participate in Underground Railroad workshop
Students participate in Underground Railroad workshop with Reggie Hall.