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At-home learning will continue for the remainder of the 2019-20 academic year because of the ongoing COVID-19 public health situation. The 2020-21 budget vote and board elections will be conducted by absentee ballot only. Qualified voters must return ballots to the district by 5 p.m. on June 9. 

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Safety drills at Harry Hoag Elementary School

Students at Harry Hoag Elementary School will participate in five types of safety drills this year as part of the Fort Plain comprehensive safety plan.  The goal of practicing the drills is to help students feel safe at school and to know what to do should an emergency arise.

Below is a brief description of the drills that will be practiced:

Evacuation: This is most typically used for a fire drill. Each class follows an exit route and is accounted for while waiting quietly with teachers outside the building. Harry Hoag Elementary School practices eight evacuation drills throughout the year. No one can enter the school during an evacuation drill.

Lockout: Students and faculty are kept safe inside the school when there is a potential threat outside of the building. Staff members make sure all students are inside behind secured perimeter doors. Business as usual continues within the school, but no guests will be allowed in while the drill is being run.

Lockdown:  Students and faculty are kept safe when there is a potential threat within the school. Everyone practices staying quiet and unseen within classrooms, offices and restrooms (if they are not in their classroom). Nobody may leave their classroom during a lockdown and entry into the school is not permitted. Law enforcement will typically be notified during this drill that there is a threat to safety within the building. The school will practice four lockdown drills this year.

Shelter in Place: Students and faculty are asked to remain in their current locations. All activities proceed as normal.

Hold in Place: Students and faculty remain in the nearest location with ability to be behind locked doors. Transitions to other classes are suspended. Activities within the classrooms proceed as normal, unless staff are otherwise directed.

Parents and guardians who have questions about safety procedures may contact Principal Lauren Crisman at 518-993-4000 ext. #3059

“We are proud to practice these drills at Harry Hoag to promote safety in the building,” Principal Crisman says.

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