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June Newsletter Available

June Newsletter

Volume 35 | Issue 10

Upcoming Events | Free Summer Meals | Sports News | Students of the Month | Class of 2019 Top 10 Students | Dare Graduation | Grade 6-8 Summer Program | Schools Dedicate Yearbooks | National Honor Society Induction | Fourth-Graders Learn About Energy | Seventh-Graders Learn About Heart Surgery | Eighth-Grade Career Pathway Exploration | Fourth-Graders Present Fables | Team Tech Finishes Third in Competition | Fifth-Graders Down on the Farm

Upcoming Events

  • June 28 – Final Report Cards Mailed
  • June 29 – Graduation at 10 AM at Harry Hoag Elementary School Gym
  • July 3 – First Day of Summer Meal Program
  • July 4 – No School or Meal Program
  • July 8 – Harry Hoag Match and Literacy Program Begins
  • July 22 – Astro-Not-Yet-Camp Begins

Free Summer Meals

All kids and teens aged 18 and under are eligible for free breakfast and lunch this summer, at the Harry Hoag Elementary School. Breakfast will be served from 8:15-9:15 a.m. and lunch will be served from 11:30 a.m. – 12:45 p.m. All meals must be eaten at school and supervision is provided. No registration is needed; to eat for free just show up! Meals begin on Wednesday, July 3rd and conclude with a picnic lunch on Friday, Aug 9th.

Sports News

Congratulations to the Varsity Boys Baseball Team, who finished their season as Class C Sectional Champions and Regional Runners-up. Further congratulations to the Unified Basketball Team for winning their Regional Championship – the highest honor in the league!

Students of the Month

Congratulations to the Students of the Month for May and June:

  • Daniel Kilmartin – Grade 12
  • Gabriella Jenks – Grade 11
  • Landen VanAlstine – Grade 10
  • Sophia Rogers – Grade 9
  • Alex Rivkowich – Grade 8
  • Amelia Cruger – Grade 7
  • Emily Abrams – Grade 12
  • Alanis Rogers – Grade 11
  • Sarah Paradiso – Grade 10
  • Levi Thomas – Grade 9
  • Sadie Kersey – Grade 8
  • Mason Cook – Grade 7

Class of 2019 Top 10 Students

The Jr/Sr High School is proud to announce the following top scholars:

  • Valedictorian: Bryce Thibodeau
  • Salutatorian: Sherry Huang
  • Quinn Jones
  • Emily Abrams
  • Patrick Murphy
  • Elijah Jordan
  • Mackenzie Wintermute
  • Kevin Staples
  • Caleb Cochran
  • Calli Logan

Congratulations to all!

Dare Graduation

The Jr/Sr High School Student Council was one of the community partners recently honored by the Fulmont Community Action Center. The Student Council was recognized for conducting a food drive in December and donating over 1000 cans of food valued at over $1,000. Pictured are Student Council advisor Mrs. Lisa Trembley and Student Council secretary Willow MaGinnis.

Grade 6-8 Summer Program

Students entering grades 6-8 are invited to participate in the Summer Enrichment Program from July 8th – 18th. The program will help students to be better prepared for high school while participating in fun activities such as writing, blogging, movie making, and coding robots. Classes will be held outdoors and inside the air-conditioned library at the Jr/Sr High School. To sign up, or for more information, contact teacher Kevin Bogus at

Schools Dedicate Yearbooks

Before heading out to Field Day on June 4th, elementary students and staff gathered in the gym for the 2018-2019 yearbook dedication ceremony. Elementary yearbook staff, and their advisors Mrs. Arndt and Mrs. Kretser announced to the group that this year’s yearbook features two honorees. The first was 6th-grade math teacher Amanda Souza. The students spoke of her ability to make math easier to understand, and her willingness to help any student at any time. The second dedication was to technology teacher and Team Tech leader Matthew Heiser. In their remarks about Mr. Heiser, the students mentioned how much fun they have with all of the technology projects and learning that takes place in the computer lab. Both teachers were thanked for the daily difference they make in the lives of their students. Congratulations!

The Jr/Sr High School yearbook committee held their dedication, in a ceremony in the auditorium on June 11th. Yearbook Editor Quinn Jones presented the 2019 yearbook dedication to Family & Consumer Science teacher Mrs. Cory Cooley. The students thanked Mrs. Cooley for her kind demeanor and the way that she always has a smile and uplifting comment for every student that she comes across. Mrs. Cooley is truly dedicated to the students and staff of the Fort Plain Jr/Sr High School and does her best each day to have a positive effect on everyone that she interacts with. Following the ceremony, the class of 2019 enjoyed their Senior Slide Show, featuring events, activities, and candid moments from their years at Fort Plain Central School.

National Honor Society Induction

The Fort Plain High School Chapter of the National Honor Society inducted nine new members on Saturday, May 11th. President Sherry Huang opened the ceremony by welcoming the attendees and making some remarks about one of the four pillars of the National Honor Society, character. Sherry noted that good character is harder to achieve than good grades because character is not a conscious decision. “Grades show what you are capable of. Character shows who you really are. Success shows both.” The other honor society criteria include scholarship (a GPA of 89.955 or higher), service (volunteering in the school or community) and leadership (in the classroom, athletics, or extracurricular activities). The new members inducted for the 2018-2019 school year were: Nathanial Beam, Gulum Demir, Brady Fureno, Taylor Gifford, Jasmine Livingston, Willow MaGinnis, Crystal Smith, Michaela Stockwell, and Lauren Weinberger. Congratulations to all of the members!

Fourth-Graders Learn About Energy

The district’s fourth-grade students have spent much of the spring learning about various types of energy – and following the path from energy generation through use. For the unit on solar energy power, the students learned about solar panels and how they take energy from the sun and transfer it into mechanical energy. They built and tested both a solar-powered model car and a solar-powered grasshopper. Next, students focused on wind energy, which is also popular in the Mohawk Valley area. They learned about wind turbines and wind farms while creating their own windmill generator. Once the different methods of generating electricity were learned, the classes studied electrical circuits, which are needed to transfer electrical energy into sound, movement or light. They took on the task of assembling a complete circuit, allowing the electrons to flow from the energy source to the various devices. To conclude the unit, the fourth-grade students constructed solar ovens, which were then used to enjoy some tasty s’ mores!

Seventh-Graders Learn About Heart Surgery

Students in Mr. Dale Smith’s seventh-grade Life Science classes took part in Bassett Hospital’s “Up Close Cardiac Surgery Program.” The interactive session helped students to understand how their choices can impact the development of heart disease. Students were taught cardiovascular concepts by other students from the New Visions program, and watched a recording of heart surgery, as narrated by a cardiac surgeon. The session brought home the importance of being heart-healthy, as well as encouraging students to think about careers in the field of cardiac medicine.

Eighth-Grade Career Pathway Exploration

A group of eighth-grade students recently visited the HFM BOCES Career and Technical Center (CTC) in Johnstown, to learn more about opportunities for educational pathways in the areas of engineering, skilled trades, construction, and environmental conservation. The session was designed to allow students the opportunity to explore different careers, and what path they may wish to take as they enter high school. The hands-on day included visits to the classrooms and labs, as well as time spent outdoors observing machinery and equipment. Each student got a chance to operate an excavator and construct a laser-pointer. It was a great chance for them to think about where their future career interests may lay.

Fourth-Graders Present Fables

This year’s fourth-grade students have recently spent time studying fables, to learn about their lessons, morals, and themes. In order to better understand the fables, the students were given the opportunity to bring them to life through the use of a “Readers’ Theatre.” The classes studied several elements of acting and dramatic presentation. They constructed a mini-stage to present their stories and integrated some simple props and costume pieces to enhance the viewers’ experiences. The students enjoyed presenting their live fable enactments to many families, friends, and fellow elementary school students.

Team Tech Finishes Third in Competition

Harry Hoag students in Mr. Heiser’s Team Tech group recently finished third in a state-wide technology contest! The groups were tasked with coming up with a solution to improve equity in education, through the use of technology. After brainstorming several ideas, Team Tech decided to tackle the issue of “Summer Slide.” “Summer Slide” occurs when children don’t participate in academic settings over the summer break, and regress in their learning, leaving them unprepared for the next school year. Team Tech created a website for students and families, which features information about free and low-cost educational programs right here in our own community. The students spent several days designing and creating the website. For the contest, they presented their idea and site, via SMARTboard, to principals and other administrators from across the state. Mr. Heiser was very proud of both the work that the students did and their fantastic third place finish. To view the students’ website visit

Fifth-Graders Down on the Farm

Fifth-graders recently took a field trip to the Montgomery County Farm & Home Safety Day at the Fonda Fairgrounds. The event was hosted by the Montgomery County Soil & Water Conservation District and was designed to create an awareness of home and farm hazards and how to avoid them. The students participated in a series of stations, with topics including bicycle safety, electrical safety, railroad safety, Lyme Disease, rabies in New York State, bees and stings, farm equipment safety procedures, and much more. At each station, the students met with career professionals. They were able to learn about how workers stay safe on the job, while also gaining valuable knowledge about keeping themselves safe all summer long.