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Hold the Mayo – Students get a shout out from Subway Corporate Headquarters big wig, Don Fertman, for their creative sandwich ideas

Students in Mr. Cutspec’s, Mr. Bogus’, and Mr. Arndt’s Reading class were recently given the task of creating their very own Subway sandwiches. As part of a daily writing prompt, they were asked to describe their sandwich ingredients and give it a catchy name.

Little did they know, their ideas were sent to Don Fertman, Subway Chief Development Officer and two-time “Undercover Boss,” who selected the three sandwiches he believed showed the most promise.

Sean Alaimo (8th grade) created the Fort Plain Bomb, made of: Salami, buffalo chicken, pepperoni and mayo on choice of bread.

Morgan McFee (9th grade) created The Morganator; a TexMex-based sandwich with tortilla and salsa.

Kayla Alaimo (9th grade) created The Bite, made of ham, salami, baloney, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, oil, vinegar and mayo on wheat bread.

Each of the above student’s received a gift card to Subway and a personal video message of congratulations. An opportunity to ‘Eat Fresh’ as a result of practicing writing skills is pretty neat, any way you slice it. In the words of Mr. Fertman, “Rock on Fort Plain.”