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Fourth-Graders Learn About Circuits and Energy Through Hands-on Experiments

kid's science project on a window sill

In STEAM class, Fourth-graders learned all about the different kinds of energy as well as the transfer of energy and how they work together to make things happen!

The children were able to observe solar energy transferring to mechanical energy with a solar car as well as a solar-powered grasshopper.  They observed wind energy converting to light energy with a windmill generator.

kids working on a science experiment

In addition, the students built electrical circuits that allowed them to witness the transfer of electrical energy into sound, mechanical and light energy.  They had to apply the information learned in class to construct a complete circuit, allowing the electrons to flow from the energy source to the various devices, making them work.

This unit will culminate with the construction of solar ovens in which the children will cook and enjoy some delicious S’ mores!

Kids in a science class

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