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Fort Plain students participated in Watershed Symposium

On Friday, Mar. 17, the Geology Department at Union College hosted the Ninth Symposium on the physical aspects of the Mohawk Watershed in New York State. The scientific program was partly focused on water quality, in addition to a celebration of the 200th anniversary of the Erie Canal. The meeting highlighted recent and on-going work in the watershed during oral and poster presentations and technical sessions. Fort Plain had two groups of student representatives participate.

 The Fort Plain/Canajoharie Environmental Study Team traveled to Union College to present their poster of this past summer’s research. The Team consists of high school students with an interest in science and service. Their mission is to create partnerships with other like-minded groups, such as the Friends of Fort Plain and the Schoharie River Center, to encourage environmental awareness within the local community. This year’s members of the Fort Plain/Canajoharie Environmental Study Team are: Emily Abrams, Baileigh Behan, Michael D’Arcangelis, Zoe D’Arcangelis, Madeline Elliott, Michael Hoffamn, Jason Huang,Quinn Jones, Calli Logan, Patrick Murphy, Julia Stockwell, Bryce Thibodeau, Lexi Veitch, and Mackenzie Wintermute. A published version of their extended abstract

Also in attendance was Harry Hoag Art Teacher Autumn Slawienski and resident artist, Mrs. Bickers, who displayed the fourth-graders recently created mosaic of the Eric Canal. “It was a wonderful experience to be in a room filled with (mostly) scientists and have them asking questions and being completely astounded at what our fourth graders accomplished,” said Mrs. Slawienski.