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Family and Consumer Services


(Grade 7)

The home and career skills program prepares students to apply the principles and process skills of decision making, problem solving and management to all areas of daily life. It is a 30 week program which fulfills ¾ of a unit for middle school students. The areas of study include: personal development, personal and family resource management (consumer skills, financial management, nutrition and wellness) and career planning (overview of work, career plans and entrepreneurship).

BASIC CLOTHING (Clothing and Textile Core)

½ Credit

This course gives students a foundation for clothing and textiles as they relate to individual needs and the needs of others. It provides for understanding of clothing as a complex blending of instinct, emotion, values and social relations; and provides opportunity to develop construction and care skills. Information is given for the care, selection, maintenance and recycling of a wardrobe. The course provides basic textile knowledge and experiences to aid in the purchase and use of clothing and household textiles. Career opportunities are explored.

BASIC FOODS (Food & Nutrition Core)

½ Credit

The course is designed to help students apply nutrition knowledge to everyday living, develop skills in menu planning, food purchasing, preparation and service. Students will also explore careers and employment opportunities in the food and nutrition field.

FASCINATING FOODS (Home & Personal Management)

½ Credit

Students will learn about the history and foods of the United States and foreign countries. They will plan, prepare and serve the complete meal which is satisfying to family members. They will also have an experience in working with foods that are unfamiliar. Class consists of lectures, demonstrations and a meal every week.

PARENTING (formerly Family & Environment)

(Human Development)

½ Credit (*required for graduation)

(Grade 10)

The Parenting course is designed to prepare students with the knowledge and skills needed to be responsible parents and caring citizens. Students will understand roles and responsibilities of parenting, human growth and development of the child and be able to identify traits of a healthy family.