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Fort Plain High School Unified Basketball Team

Fort Plains Unified Basketball Game

Applause and cheers from a very enthusiastic audience filled the gym on May 9th, as the Fort Plain High School Unified Basketball team took on Gloversville for the annual in-school game.

The Unified Sports League is sponsored by the NYS High School Sports Section V and the Special Olympics. The Unified League combines students with disabilities and student-athletes of similar age and ability.

The program aims to provide a competitive high school sports experience for students with various disabilities to be able to participate in.

The Unified League goal of “teaching sports skills to students with different abilities in a friendly, supportive, and competitive environment” was evident as the student audience was fully appreciative of the game, while both teams competing supported one another’s players while still maintaining a healthy spirit of competition.

The game is the third season for the Fort Plain High School Unified Basketball team, and they will face off against several local schools in both home and away games. The teams coached by Adam Cutspec, Geoff Snyder, Lisa Petty, and Linda Cole.

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