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Agenda for Board of Education Reorganization, Regular Meeting – July 10, 2017

F O R T    P L A I N    C E N T R A L    S C H O O L     D I S T R I C T

25  H I G H  ST R E E T

F O R T  P L A I N,  N E W  Y O R K     13 3 3 9 – 1 3 6 5

“O U R  A I M  IS E X C E L L E N  C E”

T E L E P HO NE  5 18-9 9 3 -400 0

July 6, 2017

Dear Board Member:

The annual re-organizational meeting of the Fort Plain Central School Board of Education will be held    on Monday, July 10, 2017 in the Ronald  H. Thibodeau  Conference Room at the Harry Hoag  School.

The agenda is as follows:

A.     Call to Order at 7:00 p.m. by School District Clerk


B.     Administer Oath to Board Members – Mary Beth Hudyncia, Todd McFee, Ronald Kardash, Jami L. Stevens, Joseph Bartholomew, Jeffrey Jones, and David Przestrzelski.


C.     Election of Officers

1.      President

2.      First Vice President

3.      Second Vice President

4.      Administer  Oath to Newly  Elected Officers


D.     Annual  Appointments (Incumbent)

1.      School District Clerk (Carl J. Rockefeller)

2.      Secretary to the Board (Rebecca J. Smith)

3.      School District Treasurer  (Shirley Bouck)

4.      Deputy Treasurer  (Philene Hudson)

5.      School Tax  Collector  (Jessica Sanders)

6.      Deputy School Tax Collector  (Rebecca J. Smith)

7.      Claims Auditor  (Holly Kane)

8.      School Attorney  (Girvin  and Ferlazzo)

9.      Chief Fiscal Officer  (Board President)

10.  Chief Accounting  Officer  (Carl J. Rockefeller)

11. Extra Classroom  Accounting  Auditor  (Philene Hudson)

12.    Chief Faculty  Counselor  (Deborah Larrabee)

13.  Sexual Harassment  Officer  (Katrina Canallatos)

14. Attendance  Officers – (Lauren Crisman and Deborah Larrabee)

15. Purchasing  Agent  (Carl J. Rockefeller)

16. Payroll Certification Officer (Carl J. Rockefeller)

17. Permanent  Chairperson  (Board President)

18.  School Physician (Contract with St. Mary’s Hospital)

19. Homeless  Liaison  (Deborah Larrabee  and Lauren Crisman)

20.  Designate Person Determining Residency (David W.  Ziskin)

21.  Dignity Act Coordinator  (Katrina Canallatos)

22.  Title IX Coordinator  (Katrina Canallatos)

23.  Compliance Officer (David W. Ziskin)

24.  Administrator for the FPCSD Flexible Spending Account  Plan (Carl J. Rockefeller)

25.  Fulmont Workers’ Compensation Trust Designated Representative and Alternates with Voting Rights (Carl J. Rockefeller, David W. Ziskin, Jessica Sanders, and Philene Hudson)


E.      Set Bond  for Treasurer and Deputy Treasurer ($5,000,000)

F.      Set Bond for Tax Collector and Deputy  Tax Collector   ($5,000,000)

G.     Set Bond  for Internal Auditor ($5,000,000)

H.     Designations (Incumbent)

1.      Official Newspapers  (Courier-Standard-Enterprise and Amsterdam  Recorder)

2.       Official Bank for School Accounts  (NBT  Bank)

3.       Official Bank  for Extra-Classroom  Accounts  (NBT Bank)


I.       Adopt Standard Rules of Accounting

J.       Appoint  Standing Committees  of the Board of Education  (Tab # 1)

1.      Audit Committee

2.       Support Services Committee

3.       Curriculum  Committee

4.       Policy  Committee

5.      Instructional  Negotiations

6.       School Related  Personnel Negotiations

7.       Safety Committee


K.    Establish Petty Cash Fund ($250) to be administered by (Rebecca J. Smith)

L.     Authorize Signatory for State and Federal Grants -(David W. Ziskin)

M.    Appoint Board of Education Representatives to: (Tab # 1)

1.      Athletic Council

2.       Recreation  Commission

3.      Haslett Scholarship Committee

4.       AIDS  Advisory Council

5.       Child Nutrition  Advisory Council


N.     Re-adopt the Policies of the Board of Education

O. Authorize Purchasing Agent to Accept Low Bids on all Competitive Bidding

P.      Approve list of personnel holding school cell phones (Tab # 1)

Q.    Approve list of employees holding  credit cards (Tab #1)

R.     Approve Superintendent to authorize possession of weapons on School Grounds (Policy #3411)

S.      Adjournment  of Reorganizational  Meeting



A.  Call to Order by Board of Education President following Reorganizational Meeting.

B.     Time for Visitors

C.     Previous Business

D.     Business Manager (Tab # 2)

1.       Set Senior Citizen Exemption  (Policy  #5241)

2.   Food Service Budget


E.      Committee Reports

F.      Superintendent’s Report (Tab # 3)

1.      Informational Items

a.       Annual Health Office Report – Jr. Sr. High School

b.      Projected  Graduation Rate for 2013  Cohort

c.       June 2017 Regents Results

d.       Career Pathways  Summit -OCM BOCES, August 2-4

e.       Summer Professional  Development to  Support Improvement  Levers


2.       Set Tuition Rate for 2017-2018  School  Year

3.      Approve  2017-2018 Fee Agreement for Girvin & Ferlazzo

4.       Approve  District  Mission Revision

5.      Adopt  2017-2018  Growth Priorities

6.       Welcome Ben Meyers – BOCES  Communications  Specialist

7.      Public Comment

8.      Approve CSE/CPSE/504 Accommodation  Team for the  17-18 School Year (Tab # 4)

9.      Approve CSE/CPSE/504 Recommendations (Tab # 4)

10.  Appoint Extra Duty Positions (Tab # 5)

11.   Accept Resignation  of Summer  Cleaner  (Tab # 6)

12.  Accept  Resignation  of Substitute Bus Driver  (Tab # 6)

13.  Appoint Summer Cleaners (Tab # 6)

14.  Appoint  Summer Food  Service Worker  Substitutes  (Tab # 6)

15.     Appoint Clerk/Typist (Tab # 7)

16.   Appoint Elementary Teacher (Tab # 8)

17.   Approve Jr. Sr. High School Principal’s Contract (Tab # 9)

18.  Adjournment