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Agenda for Board of Education Meeting – November 30, 2016

F O R T   P L A I N    C E N T R A L   S C H O O L    D I S T R I C T

2 5 H I G H S T R E E T

F O R T  P L A I N,  N E W  Y O R K     1 3 3 3 9 – 1 3 6 5

“OU R  A I M  I S  E X CE L L E N CE”

T E L E P H O N E  5 1 8-9 9 3-400 0

November  28, 2016

Dear Board Member:

The Fort Plain Central School Board of Education will meet in Regular session on Wednesday, November 30, 2016 in the Ronald H. Thibodeau Conference Room at the Harry Hoag School. The agenda is as follows:

A.     Call to Order by President Kardash at  6:00 p.m.

B.     Time For Visitors

C.     Accept Treasurer’s Reports for Money Market, Payroll, ACH Savings, Special Reserve, and General Fund for October 2016 (Tab # I)

D.     Accept Budget Reports for October 2016 (Tab #   1)

E.      Accept Treasurer’s Reports for Extra-classroom Funds for October 2016 (Tab # 1)

F.       Committee Reports

l.   Safety Committee

G.    Previous Business

H.    New Business

I.     Business Manager  (Tab # 2)

l.   Accept Tax Collector’s Report

J.       Principal’s Reports

K.     Superintendent’s Report

1.     Informational Items

a.      Priority/Goal Area # 1 update: Safety and Social Emotional Developmental Health

b.      2017-2018  School Calendar

2.      Public Comment

3.      Executive Session

4.      Approve  CSE/CPSE/504  Recommendations  (Tab # 3)

5.      Accept Resignation of Full Time Aide (Tab # 4)

6.      Accept Resignation of Full Time Aide (Tab # 4)

7.      Accept Resignation of Full Time I :I Aide (Tab # 4)

8.      Appoint Full Time Aide (Tab # 5)

9.     Appoint Full Time Aide (Tab # 5) I 0. Appoint Part Time Aide (Tab #  5)

11. Appoint Part Time Aide

12. Appoint  Part Time Temporary Cleaners

13. Appoint  Cleaner/Bus Driver

14. Approve Unpaid Leave of Absence (Tab # 6)

15. Adjournment