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Agenda for Board of Education Meeting – February 8, 2017

F O R T   P L A I N    C E N T R A L    S C H O O L    D I S T R I C T

2 5  H I G H  ST R E E T

F O R T  P L A I N,      N E W  Y O R K    I 3 33 9 -I 3 6 5

“O U R A I M IS E X C E L L E N C E”

TELEPHONE   5 18-99 3 -40 00

February  6, 2017

Dear Board Member:

The Fort Plain  Central  School Board  of Education  will meet in Regular  session on Wednesday,  February 8, 2017

in the Ronald H. Thibodeau Conference Room at the Harry Hoag School. The agenda is as follows:

A.     Call to Order 6:00pm

B.     Time for Visitors (Tab # 1)

1.     Robert Harris, Town Assessor – Solar Farms

2.      Stephanie Macherone & Kayla Mahoney,  School Counselors -Character Education

C.     Accept Minutes of the Regular Meeting held on January 11, 2017 (Tab # 2)

D.    Accept Treasurer’s Reports for Money Market, Payroll, ACH Savings, Special Reserve, and General Fund for December 2016 (Tab # 3)

E.      Accept Budget Reports for December  2016 (Tab #  3)

F.      Accept Treasurer’s Reports for Extra-Classroom Funds for December 2016 (Tab # 3)

G.    Accept Claims Auditor’s Reports dated for December 2016 (Tab # 3)

H.     Committee Reports

I.        Previous Business

J.       New Business

K.     Business Manager

L.      Principal’s Reports (Tab # 4)

1.   Mrs. Crisman

2.      Ms. Larrabee

3.      Mrs. Canallatos

M.    Superintendent’s Report (Tab # 5)

1.     Informational Items

a.       State Aid Picture – Governor’s Proposal

b.      Enrollment Report

c.      Nominations  for BOCES Board  Seats

d.      Forecasting  Staffing Needs  for 2017-2018

e.       Priority Area #3 Update -Fiscal Resources

2.      Accept donation for Unified Sports & YAC Activity

3.      Second Reading  of Policy #7220  Graduation Option/Early  Graduation/Accelerated  Programs

4.      Public Comment

5.      Executive  Session

6.      Approve  CSE/CPSE/504  Recommendations  (Tab #6)

7.      Accept Letter of Resignation from Library Media Specialist (Tab # 7)

8.      Accept Letter of Resignation from Regular Run Bus Driver (Tab # 7)

9.      Accept Letter of Resignation for Extra Duty Position (Tab # 7)

10.  Remove  Substitute Bus Driver

11. Appoint Extra Duty Positions (Tab # 8)

12. Appoint  Substitute Bus Driver  (Tab # 9)

13. Appoint  Substitute Cleaner  (Tab # 9)

14. Adjournment