2017 Fort Plain Fall Sports Awards

From Athletic Director Charlie Karker and as announced at the annual Fall Sports Reception on Nov. 9.

New York State Public High School Athletic Association Scholar-Athlete Awards:

  • Volleyball
  • Girls Soccer
  • Girls Cross Country
  • Boys Cross Country
  • Golf

Team Awards


  • FPCS BOE 2nd Effort Award – Sarah Paradiso
  • WAC Mohawk Division 2nd Team All-Star- Lauren Weinberger
  • Senior Game Athletes- Victoria Wilday & Kaylee Atkins


  • FPCS BOE 2nd Effort Award – Brady Fureno
  • Coach’s Awards – Taylor Gifford & Jacob Hazlett
  • WAC Mohawk Division 1st Team All-Stars – Jacob Hazlett, Taylor Gifford & Brady Fureno

Girls Soccer

  • FPCS BOE 2nd Effort Award – Emily Abrams
  • D’Arcangelis Super-Sub Award – Hannah Leonard
  • Section 2 and WAC Mohawk Division 1st Team All-Stars – Emily Abrams & Gabriella Jenks
  • Section 2 and WAC Mohawk Division 2nd Team All-Stars – Kendall Kennedy & Maecee Lathers

Boys Soccer

  • FPCS BOE 2nd Effort Award – Ethan Spaulding
  • Hilltopper Award – Patrick Murphy
  • Captain’s Award- Bryce Thibodeau
  • Most Improved Award- Josh Nellis
  • WAC Mohawk Division 1st Team All-Star- Jaxson Yacowenia
  • WAC Mohawk Division 2nd Team All-Star- Adan Vasquez

Girls Cross Country

  • FPCS BOE 2nd Effort Award – Michaela Stockwell
  • Outstanding FP Runner – Eliza Cechnicki
  • 3-D Award for Desire, Determination & Dedication – Emily Marsh
  • WAC 1st Team All-Star- Eliza Cechnicki

Boys Cross Country

  • FPCS BOE 2nd Effort Award – Jason Huang
  • Outstanding FP Runner – Michael Hoffman
  • 3-D Award for Desire, Determination & Dedication – Sean Staples
  • Most Improved – Seth Wintermute
  • WAC 1st Team All-Star – Michael Hoffman

Eighth graders tour Fort Plain cemetery, learn of immigration

As part of an interdisciplinary unit on immigration in English Language Arts and Social Studies classes, Fort Plain eighth grade students participated in a guided tour of the Fort Plain cemetery on November 21.

The tour was hosted by village historian Eileen Chambers.

Chambers shared knowledge and stories about early immigration to Fort Plain and the early residents that shaped the village into what it is today.

Fort Plain cemetery tour 1 Fort Plain cemetery tour 2

Harry Hoag Elementary School Students of the Month for October

Congratulations to the October 2017 Harry Hoag Elementary School students of the month!

Kindergarten – Claudia Maring

Grade 1 – Zaeliegh Perkins

Grade 2 – Caleigh Bartholomew

Grade 3 – Sage Smith

Grade 4 – Emma Cook

Grade 5 – Serenity Johnson

Grade 6 – Mariah Aney

Fort Plain Harry Hoag Students of Month Oct

Nine from Jr./Sr. High School represent nations from 1791 at United Nations Simulation

Nine Fort Plain Junior/Senior High school students represented nations, empires, and kingdoms from 1791 at a United Nations Simulation at the Carey Institute for Global Good on Nov. 14.

Quinn Jones represents Fort Plain at the Model UN.Fort Plain’s Quinn Jones was the President of the simulation, while Bryce Thibodeau created and presented a slavery and slave trade resolution on behalf of Abyssinia. His resolution passed, 15-9.

Each student conducted extensive background research to portray their nation accurately.

Bryce Thibodeau delivers his resolution at the Model UNThe complete list of Fort Plain students included:

Quinn Jones – President

Michael D’Arcangelis – Iroquois League

Bryce Thibodeau – Abyssinia

Patrick Murphy – Russia

Jenna Reese – Portugal

Michaela Stockwell – Sardinia

Brady Fureno – Denmark

Nate Beam – Maratha Confederacy

Taylor Gifford – Siam

Spooky science comes to life for sixth graders

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Dry ice experiments at Fort Plain
Dry ice experiments at Fort Plain

The trick was a treat for the students in Pat Hanifin’s sixth grade science classes on Halloween.

Student filled cylinders with colored tap water and then added dry ice, otherwise known as frozen carbon dioxide, to create creeping fog as part of their “Spooky Science” lesson for the day.

Students learned about handling dry ice safely. Even though the fog created by the ice and water is harmless, dry ice itself cannot be touched by bare skin or eaten. The extremely low temperature will cause frost bite very quickly.

Dry ice may look like the cubes from the freezer at home, but it stands at -109 degrees Fahrenheit.

Dry ice experiments at Fort Plain
Dry ice experiments at Fort Plain

Dry ice doesn’t melt like water cubes either, as the dry ice the students used bubbled into a grey mist when they added it to the colored water. After they added a few drops of dish soap to the “cauldrons” bubbles formed and held the fog in place until the bubbles popped.

The room looked much more like Dr. Frankenstein’s lab instead of Mr. Hanifin’s regular classroom.

Beyond the hands-on experiments, students learned how dry ice is made, its properties and some of its common industrial uses.

A day in the life of the Hudson River

Check out how our Jr./Sr. High School students help the NYSDEC make sure one of the state’s major waterways is healthy!

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Sixth grade class raises $233.60 for hurricane relief

The Fort Plain sixth grade class recently finished a fund raiser for the victims of hurricanes in Texas and Florida.

The “Harry Hoag Hurricane Heroes” campaign raised a total of $233.60 by collecting spare change in jars in classrooms throughout the Harry Hoag Elementary School every Monday for weeks.

The money will be donated to the American Red Cross.

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Elementary talented, gifted programs coming up

Elementary students with a interests in Math, ELA, community service, or drama can explore each in the new talented and gifted programs at Harry Hoag Elementary School this year.

Each program meets once a month on Thursdays after school.

Information was recently sent home with students in grades 2-6, but if families would like more information they are encouraged to call the main office, (518) 993-4000, ext. #3072.

The programs

“Fun with Math” is for students with an interest in math who are looking for a challenge. Students will focus on mental math skills, and developing speed while working with math facts.

“Challenging Minds” is for students who enjoy puzzles, word games, riddles, reading challenges and spelling.

“Caring Kids” focuses on local public service projects. Students can make placements, bookmarks, and cards for local senior citizens, veterans, and nursing home residents. They also support food pantries and animal shelters with collections and donations.

“Elementary Drama Club” gives students a chance to learn acting skills and try out being in the spotlight. They also learn about script fundamentals, how to select sets and costumes, and behind-the-scenes jobs in the theatre.

Little Free Library set up at Harry Hoag Elementary School

Jackie Kennedy once said, “There are many little ways to enlarge your child’s world. Love of books is the best of all.”

Gallup and her class with the new Little Free Library.
Gallup and her class with the new Little Free Library.

Since October is National Book Month, Fort Plain first-grade teacher Kyra Gallup took the first lady’s thought to heart. She and her class put the finishing touches on their own Little Free Library on the Harry Hoag Elementary School playground last Wednesday.

“I started working on it over the summer and my class and I were so excited to go out and stock it full of great books,” Gallup said. “The hope is that the box stays constantly filled with great books and that our children get the chance to be exposed to more books than before.”

The new Little Free Library.
The new Little Free Library.

The concept of a Little Free Library – a free standing outdoor cabinet where books can be taken and left for others free of charge – is an international movement that started in 2009 to give as many people access to books and knowledge as possible. More details about the project are available at littlefreelibrary.org.

“Our Little Free Library has books for every children of all grade levels from preschool up to sixth grade,” Gallup said. “We stocked ours with chapter, nonfiction, story, and joke books.”

Currently, one of Fort Plain’s current first graders, Molly Shults, is working on getting another Little Free Library built in Haslett Park next to Main Street. Shults has even gone before the Fort Plain Village Board to get approval for the project.

“That is just the beginning. You never know what other books might appear,” Gallup said. “We are hoping that there will be even more Little Free Libraries popping up around Fort Plain. Anyone can make one!”

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