Harry Hoag Students of the Month for November

Congratulations to the November 2017 Harry Hoag Elementary School students of the month!

Kindergarten – Isabella Hearn

Grade 1 – Lainie McDuffee

Grade 2 – Eliyhanna Brackett

Grade 3 – Robert Davis

Grade 4 – Dawson Tracki

Grade 5 – Zachary Briggs

Grade 6 – Marionna Stephens


Harry Hoag November 2017 Students of the Month

Five fall athletic teams named Scholar-Athlete teams

Five of the Fort Plain Central School District’s six fall athletic teams were named Scholar-Athlete teams by the New York State Public High School Athletic Association (NYSPHSAA) last week.

In order to qualify for the honor at least 75 percent of a team’s rosters needs to hold an overall grade point average of 90 or higher.

The Fort Plain teams that qualified were:

  • Boys Cross Country – 95.11
  • Girls Cross Country – 94.79
  • Girls Soccer – 90..935
  • Volleyball – 90.908
  • Golf – 90.327

A full list of honored teams can be seen on the NYSPHSAA website.

December Newsletter available

December 2017 Pennysaver Newsletter

Highlights of the Newsletter

Harry Hoag “Fun With Math” Achievers

At the first session of “Fun With Math,” the following elementary students successfully completed 100 addition facts, with 100% accuracy.

Prior to the timed math fact race, students “warmed up” with math games, activities, and contests that used addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

  • 6 minutes: Bryellah D’Arcanglis, Summer Trumbull
  • 5 minutes: Larry Sanders, Payton Skiffington, and Caitlyn Stephens
  • 4 minutes: Dawson Tracki and Lexi Palmeri

“Frightening Fantasy” Workshop

Some seventh grade students attended a creative writing workshop at Arkell Hall in October, which was intended to teach them to write fantasy in a fun way.

The students gathered among mood-setting Halloween decorations to help set the mood and get their mind thinking about spooky topics.

Students reviewed the elements of fiction writing: setting, mood, suspense, conflict, and character development.

After creating mysterious characters and placing them in frightening settings, the students developed an exciting fantasy story. They shared their stories at the end of the day.

The students who participated in this Minds-On workshop were: Jakub Battisti, Cross Young, Amelia Gallagher, Alexis Euler, Natalie Thibodeau, Savonna Tyler, Rylee Herron, Anthony Paradiso, Ethan Kilmartin, and Kristin Sanders.

4th Graders Visit Mohawk River/Erie Canal

In preparation for their upcoming mosaic project, the fourth grade class recently explored some local Mohawk River and Erie Canal revitalization projects.

The day began with a stop at the Mohawk Valley Gateway Overlook Pedestrian Bridge then the Riverlink Park in Amsterdam and then the Riverfront Park in Canajoharie.

Students heard information and stories about the Erie Canal’s history and about use of the Mohawk River today – both as a recreational and a commercial resource.

The visit was followed up with a video and photos of Mohawk River Lock 15 in Fort Plain.

Quinn Jones represents Fort Plain in NYS Student Cabinet

Schenectady Daily Gazette story about the Cabinet

Congratulations to Quinn Jones who represented Fort Plain at this year’s Student Cabinet assembled by New York State Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara.

The group met on Dec. 5 at Clarkson University’s Capital Region Campus ahead of the upcoming legislative session.

Students in the Cabinet represent school districts across Albany, Schenectady and Montgomery Counties.

The group discussed challenges local schools will be facing in the upcoming year with the Assemblyman.

Quinn Jones and Assemblyman

Quinn Jones and Student Cabinet

Students get “on board” the Freedom Train during field trip

A group from the Junior/Senior High School explored the Underground Railroad during a field trip to Arkell Hall in Canajoharie on Nov. 28 as they participated in a workshop led by musician, educator, and social activist Reggie Harris.

Students Cameron David, Madison Delgado, Skila Frasier, Andra Fuhs, Stephen Gray, Ryleigh Hart, Madeline Heroth, Alex Rivkowich, Mackenzie Ropeter, Jacob Sweet and Social Studies teacher Katherine Sacco discovered the period by focusing on the music and stories of fugitives, abolitionists, journalists and free citizens that collaborated along the escape routes for enslaved African Americans in the mid 1800s.

Students wrote personal narratives, speeches, and composed an Underground code song. Using the cultural and historical context of the songs, secret codes and stories, students assembled an abolitionist meeting to get everyone “on board” the Freedom Train.

Students participate in Underground Railroad workshop
Students participate in Underground Railroad workshop with Reggie Hall.

Jr./Sr. High School Students of the Month for November

Congratulations to the Junior/Senior High School Students of the Month for November!

Grade 7 – Stephen Gray (Nominated by Dr. Pombrio)

Grade 8 – Sarah Florian (Mrs. Wilder)

Freshman – Landen Van Alstine (Mrs. Jarabek)

Sophomore – Michaela Stockwell (Mr. and Mrs. Jarabek)

Junior – Bryce Thibodeau (Mr. and Mrs. Jarabek)

Senior – Eliza Cechnicki (Mrs. Jarabek)

Half day for professional development on Dec. 15

The Fort Plain Central School District is scheduled to hold a half day for students on Dec. 15 as faculty and staff will attend the second professional development day of the school year.

Students will be released from the Junior/Senior High School at 10:30 a.m. and from Harry Hoag Elementary School at 10:40 a.m.

Comments and questions can be directed to the district office at (518) 993-4000 ext. #1000.

Eight families attend Family Math Night

Eight families attended Family Math Night at the Junior/Senior High School on Nov. 15.

It was a night of problem solving and games as parents got involved in their child’s math education.

Beyond the games at school each family went home with games and activities to reinforce the lessons learned.

The night was organized by eighth grade math teacher Sue Summerfield.

Family Math Night 2
Jayden Sackett and his father Mark, along with Bridgette England, work on a problem solving activity.
Family Math Night Fun
Eighth grader Kiley Gallt and her dad, Wayne, play a game of Shut the Box while Sarah Murphy and her family enjoy a game of checkers.

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