Hand-knitted mittens, Happy Faces!

Anne Hoteling of Little Falls – the aunt of Harry Hoag Elementary School teacher Joan Dise – donated over 25 pair of beautifully hand-knitted mittens, in a wide variety of colors to Fort Plain Elementary students this winter.

The mittens have brought big smiles to many.

Beyond the comfort that the mittens have given students, the gift provided an opportunity for students to learn as they wrote thank you notes to Hoteling on cards donated by Jean Ronan Photography.

Students composed messages and wrote neatly enough for the Post Office to deliver the notes and so the messages could be read when they arrived.

“It is amazing what motivation to write there is when the purpose is real, and meaningful,” Dise said. “Joy and happiness was felt by the students, not only because of their comfy mittens – one student actually wore his to bed – but they also felt pride in their completed work. Mrs. Hoteling’s felt the same way when she received the ‘priceless’ letters. It was a great job by our students and I want to give a huge thank you to Mrs. Hoteling. She is, as one student said, a ‘very nice knitter!’”