Harry Hoag receives 10 boxes of donated books

On Friday, Dec. 9, NYSUT LRS Kevin Grossman dropped off 10 boxes of books to SRP President Mark Hisert and FPTA President Pat Hanifin. NYSUT is putting first books in the hands of students with the help of the non-profit organization First Book Inc., and the American Federation of Teachers a NYSUT national affiliate. Books are made available at low to no cost to high-needs schools and nonprofit programs serving low-income families and kids in need.

District Open Houses – 2016

FPHS opens the doors on Thursday, Oct. 13, but it’s not your typical Open House

Fort Plain Jr./Sr. High School is opening the doors to parents and families on Thursday, Oct. 13, from 6:00 p.m. until 7:15 p.m. but it’s not your average Open House. This year’s format is all new and we can’t wait to see what you think of it.

When you arrive at the school, stop and visit your child’s class advisor to receive progress report and to get your free raffle tickets which can be used to win your favorite basket raffle (additional tickets can be purchased in the lobby to increase your chances). Then make your way into the gymnasium.

All departments and teachers will be in the gymnasium for a one-stop meet and greet. There you can also talk with various community agencies and school sponsored clubs. In addition to the basket raffle, snacks and ice cream will be available. It should be a great night! Check out the baskets up for raffle the district’s Facebook page.

Harry Hoag Open House Thursday, Oct. 6

Ah fall, that time of year when it seems there are more activities than there are hours in the day. Fall sports and activities, orientations, picture days, work, dinner and homework. The next thing you know it’s time for Open House and you think to yourself, “Do I really need to go?” We get it, we’ve all been there before. Especially those parents who have several children might especially feel like they’ve, “been there, done that” in the past.

But… you’re child has never been this age before, they’ve never had this teacher before, every year is a new experience for THEM and your presence is as important as ever. So if you need a little extra motivation, here are our Top 3 reasons for attending this year’s Open House:

1. It’s informative! Meet the teachers, learn about the curriculum, see what your child has been learning and view their accomplishments. Teachers will be available in their classrooms at your leisure from 6:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m.

2. It’s social! Meet other parents, find out who’s in your child’s class that you know. Maybe you can carpool, or start a book club. Community booths will also be set up in the gymnasium. Consider signing up to help out for events with the PTA, and/or joining the Boy or Girl Scouts.

3. It’s fun! PTA will be hosting an ice cream social and a book fair from 6:30-7:15 p.m. And really, ice cream for dinner once in a while never hurt anyone.

Free meals for all Fort Plain students in 2016-17

ALL STUDENTS enrolled in both buildings of the Fort Plain District will receive both breakfast and lunch for FREE this year thanks to the Community Eligibility Meal Certification option for the 2016-2017 school year.

There will be no free/reduced meal forms circulated. ALL district students will receive a healthy breakfast and lunch at no charge, regardless of their family status or income.

The Community Eligibility Program will be in effect for at least the next four years. Any questions can be directed to Lauri Broady in the Office of School Nutrition at 993-4000 #1003.

Fitness opportunities in district

The Fort Plain Pacers Walking Program will begin on Tuesday, Nov. 1, and run through April 30. Walking is permitted on school days from 4:30 – 7:30 p.m. Visit the District Office to have your card re-activated for returning walkers, or to sign up. New member cards cost $5.00.

This year, the Board of Education would like to open the Fitness Center to members of our community from Nov. 1 – April 30. The cost is $20.00 per month – payable at the beginning of each month. Hours will be posted once a schedule has been developed.

If you have any questions regarding either program, please contact Becky in the District Office at 518-993-4000 ext. #1000.

Harry Hoag Elementary students overcoming obstacles

The elementary gymnasium is a busy place in these days leading up to Christmas break. Chants of “beat that wall” fill the halls as students encourage each other to strive to reach the top of the warped wall – just one of the many new obstacles students are overcoming through determination and creativity as part of an “American Ninja Warrior” unit in their Physical Education classes.

American Ninja Warrior is a television show where both male and female competitors go through a course of physical obstacles which challenge their strength, agility, balance, flexibility and stamina. Several students noted that they were intimidated when they first saw the challenges, but immediately excited once they got to try them and found that they had more “warrior” in them than they knew they had.

FP Jr./Sr. art teacher, Geoff Snyder is currently training and competing, hoping for a chance to appear on the show this spring. The application process includes the submission of a video, highlighting the candidate’s training routine and any other information that will help them to stand out as a “TV-worthy” contestant. Mr. Snyder applied last year and made it quite a way through the process, but just missed the final cut. He is preparing a new application video now, which will be submitted in January.

Knowing about Mr. Snyder’s experience, elementary P.E. teachers Casey Russom and Katie McCumber contacted him about helping them to create an American Ninja Warrior unit for the gym classes. The team got together with the district technology teacher Mr. Kreig Heroth. His engineering class students designed, developed and built several obstacles scaled for elementary students to compete on. The course was set up and unveiled to students on Dec. 19 during a special assembly.

“What’s great about an obstacle course,” said Mr. Snyder, “is that everyone can try and beat it in their own way. The same technique doesn’t work for everyone. There is a great sense of accomplishment each time that you complete an obstacle. It’s a fun and exciting way for our students to not just exercise, but also develop their problem-solving skills, too.”

“In our P.E. department, it is our mission to empower all students to sustain regular, lifelong physical activity as a foundation for high school experiences, and also to lead a healthy, productive, and fulfilling life,” said teacher Katie McCumber. “Incorporating the American Ninja Warrior unit allows the students to be active and have fun while doing it. So many of our students are familiar with ANW and love it! This gives the students a chance to be an American Ninja Warrior and gets them excited about exercising.”

As Mr. Snyder said, “Obstacles are a great metaphor for life. Lots of things stand in our way throughout our lives. We have to find ways to navigate the struggles, the setbacks, and the hurdles that life throws at us.”

Free Story hour for kindergarten and first grade

Thanks to a grant from the Yerdon Foundation, the Fort Plain Free Library will be teaming up with Harry Hoag Elementary to present a series of free story hours. Free Story Hour is open to all kindergarten and first grade students, parents or caregivers are more than welcome to join in. Each story hour will be held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at Harry Hoag Library, and at the Fort Plain Library on the 4th or last Tuesday of the month. Program runs from November through the end of May.

This collaboration will help to get more great books in the hands of families, while encouraging every-day home reading time. The Story Hours will be facilitated by local artist Mrs. Joanne Resch. She will work with Harry Hoag Library Media Specialist Mrs. Terri Brown, to present unique themes and projects for each monthly session.

The program features a ‘whole book approach’ of sharing storybooks with children known as “READ”:
R: Read a story with the children
E: Exercise relating to the story
A: Art activity is enjoyed by all
D: Discover more books to enjoy at home.

Fort Plain looks to leverage Smart Bond to upgrade security, add classroom technology

The Fort Plain School District is looking to upgrade security and add classroom technology with money provided from the 2014 Smart Schools Investment Act.

In total, $2 billion worth of funds were approved statewide as part of the Smart Schools Bond Act, to be distributed to all public schools in New York. To receive the money, districts were required to submit a Smart Schools Investment Plan to the Smart Schools Review Board for approval.

The district’s allocation of the Smart Schools Bond Act is $1,140,000. The Fort Plain Investment plan includes $240,000 to be spent on security upgrades, and $900,000 to be spend on devices and instructional support. This will help the district to meet its 1:1 initiative – allowing each student to have access to Chromebooks and laptop computers while in school.

Fort Plain formed a Smart Bond Committee of administration, staff, students, parents and community members to collectively decide how to best spend the bond money.

Mr. Cuomo said in a release, “The tools and resources schools will be able to attain with this funding will help equip the next generation of New Yorkers to lead this state into the future.”

2016-17 School Budget Approved

During the 2016-17 school year, Fort Plain Central School District is operating on a $19.5 budget that was approved by voters May 17, 2016.

Fort Plain Central School District residents voted in support of the district’s 2016-17 school budget by a vote of 173 to 31. The approved $19.5 million plan called for a 2.68 percent increase over the 2015-16 spending plan, but carried no increase in the tax levy.

Board of Education: Voters re-elected two board members. Ronald F. Kardash received 176 votes and L. Joseph Bartholomew received 170.

School vehicle proposition: Residents approved a school vehicle proposition by a vote of to 158 to 45.