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David Ziskin

Superintendent of Schools

25 High Street

Fort Plain, NY 13339





Hilltopper sports websites

 For information on concussions and brain injuries, click here.


Athletics schedules available on-line

The Fort Plain School District and WAC athletics schedules are now posted at http://rmd.me/oYHgR.

Amended athletic code

The Fort Plain Central School District Board of Education approved an amended athletic. To see a PDF of the code, click here. To see the Jr./Sr. High School athletic contract, click here.

Athletic Policy

   To see a PDF of the district's athletic policy, click here.

Mission Statement

     The mission of New York State interscholastic athletic programs is to foster the quest for excellence by creating an educational and competitive experience within an atmosphere of sportsmanship. Successful programs develop individual and team potential by promoting high standards of competence, character, civility, and citizenship.

     Section II Athletic Association is committed to promoting the proper ideas of sportsmanship, ethical conduct, and fair play at all Sectional activities. We will oppose instances and activities which run counter to the best values of athletic competition in order to ensure the well being of all individual players. We expect acceptable standards of good citizenship and propriety with proper regard for the rights of others.
     We are further committed to the belief that schools participating in Sectional activities should be held responsible for the conduct of their players, coaches, faculty members, and spectators. Conduct which is detrimental to the educational value of the athletic activities may be deemed just cause for the school’s reprimand, probation, suspension from a particular sport or suspension from Sectional activities. Parents/guardians are reminded that they are to supervise their child during athletic events.


Competence - A student athlete in a quality program is competent in terms of skill development, knowledge of the game, strategies, fitness, conditioning, and healthy behavior.

Character - A student athlete in a quality program demonstrates responsibility, accountability, dedication, trustworthiness, fair play, and self-control.

Civility - A student athlete in a quality program demonstrates civility toward others, showing respect, fairness, and caring.

Citizenship - A student athlete in a quality program demonstrates citizenship through actions showing evidence of loyalty, commitment, teamwork, and role modeling.



     All members of athletic teams are expected to achieve acceptable academic progress. The following policy will govern academic eligibility for athletics:
     1. All coaches will submit a list of participating students to the junior/senior high school principal once students are chosen to participate in a sport.
     2. To be eligible to participate, a student must not have failing or incomplete grades in one or more subjects.
     3. Eligibility will be checked at five-week intervals.
     4. If a student is found to have failing or incomplete grades in one or more subjects, he/she must follow the procedure outlined below to remain eligible for participation:
     A. The student will have seven calendar days from the date the ineligibility list is published to improve deficient grades to passing for that week’s work. During this seven-day period, the student will remain ineligible.
     B. At the end of the seven-day period, a five-week check of weekly progress will begin. The student must have teachers sign “pass/fail” slips reflecting work for that week. The slips must be approved by the building principal or designee ( or in their absence the superintendent).
     If the slip reflects more than one failing or incomplete grade for that week, the student will not be eligible until the next weekly check. The “pass/fail” slips must be signed by all teachers and approved by the building principal no later than 3 p.m. each Monday. The slips must be completed until the next five-week eligibility check – even if all subjects are being passed for the week. This procedure will be followed for the remainder of the sports season or longer, at the building principal’s discretion. If a student is ineligible for an athletic squad, he/she will participate in the practice sessions but not in the contests while he/she is ineligible.
     All students participating in interscholastic athletics must receive a sports physical given by the school nurse. Contact Junior-Senior High School: (518) 993-4000, ext. 3404.

Interscholastic Program


Boys Girls
Soccer: Modified, Junior Varsity, Varsity Soccer: Modified, Junior Varsity, Varsity
Cross Country: Modified, Varsity Cross Country: Modified, Varsity
Golf: Varsity Golf: Varsity
  Volleyball: Modified, JV, Varsity



Boys Girls
Basketball: Modified, JV, Varsity Basketball: Modified, JV, Varsity
Bowling: JV, Varsity Bowling: JV, Varsity
Swimming: Modified, Varsity Swimming: Modified, Varsity
Wrestling: Modified, Varsity Cheerleading: JV, Varsity





Baseball: Modified, JV, Varsity

Softball: Modified, JV, Varsity

Track and Field: Modified, Varsity

Track and Field: Modified, Varsity