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David Ziskin

Superintendent of Schools

25 High Street

Fort Plain, NY 13339





Graduation Requirements (for students entering Grade 9 in 2013 and thereafter)

(Requirements are subject to change based on NY State Board of Regents Approval)


                             REGENTS DIPLOMA*                                     ADVANCED REGENTS DIPLOMA
English                           4 credits                                                     4 credits               
Social Studies                4                                                                  4
Math                              3                                                                  3
Science                          3                                                                  3
**Foreign Language      1                                                                   3***
Art or Music                  1                                                                   1
Health and Wellness     .5                                                                  .5
Physical Education        2                                                                   2                                                         
Electives                        as required                                              as required
Minimum credits
for graduation              22                                                                 22

 (Passing score 65 or higher)

English Language Arts Regents                                                     English Language Arts Regents
Global Studies Regents                                                                  Global Studies Regents
U.S. History Regents                                                                     U.S. History Regents
Science Regents                                                                            Two Science Regents
Algebra Common Core                                                                   Alegbra Common Core Regents
                                                                                                       Geometry Common Core Regents
                                                                                                       Algebra II/Trigonometry Regents
                                                                                                       Foreign Language Exam

 *Students with documented learning disabilities who are under the jurisdiction of the Committee on Special Education could earn a local diploma through the use of a "compensatory option." Contact the Counseling Office or the CSE Office with questions.
** Students are required to have completed one unit of credit in a language other than English by the end of their freshman year, or pass the NYS Proficiency Exam.
*** To earn the advanced designation the student must complete one of the following:
 A language other than English (total of 3 credits)
- Career and Technical Education (5 credits), plus one credit in a language other than English.
- The Arts (5 credits), plus 1 credit in a language other than English.