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Providing healthy snacks to students in need, even on the weekends

Snack BagsThe bell rings on a Friday afternoon. For many students, this is a great feeling – the weekend lies before them and they envision all the fun they will have. But for some students, some of our very own Fort Plain students, they are filled with a bit of anxiety – wondering where they will get their food when school is closed.

Many children in the Fort Plain community count on the healthy meals provided by our school meal program. But what happens on the weekends? This is the concern of many school administrators and representatives from local agencies, but thanks to a partnership between Liberty ARC and the Fort Plain Central School District, there are a handful of students receiving much-needed meals on the weekends.

Packing the snack bagsLiberty’s “Snack Bag Program” has been feeding hungry families in our community for 5 years now. This year, they partnered up with the district to ensure that the snack bags are getting directly into the hands of hungry students.

Every Wednesday, Lori Shults brings a few members of the 7 Main Street Day Hab to Mrs. Lisa Petty’s special education class at Fort Plain High School. Together they pack lunch bags with healthy snacks. On Thursday, the students walk up the hill and deliver the bags to Harry Hoag Elementary. The bags are then distributed to students who need them.

“After our first distribution, one student came to me on a Monday morning. She gave me a huge hug and said that the food really helped. As a school, we have a moral responsibility not only to teach our students academia, but also to support them socially and emotionally. One of the things that I am most proud of is our commitment to supporting our students not only in the classroom, but also as citizens in our community. On behalf of the students, I express sincere gratitude to Liberty ARC for this partnership,” said Mrs. Crisman.

Packing the bagsMrs. Petty explains the benefits this program has had on her students. “Academically, students are learning counting and sorting, and that kind of thing. But more importantly, they feel like they are making a difference. They are helping someone in need and this gives them a great sense of purpose and pride,” she said.

“It just feels good,” said seventh-grader Jose Pipero. “Feels like we are caring for people. The people who have no food,” he said.

“Plus, we’re having fun,” said ninth-grader Shyanne Smith.

Mrs. Shults added that the Liberty residents and the students are really forming some “neat friendships.” “It’s a great community connection – one we will continue.”